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Young European Leadership
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TypeInternational Non-profit Organisation
HeadquartersBoulevard Anspach, 169, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Tillmann Heidelk

Young European Leadership (YEL)[1] is an international non-profit and nonpartisan organization composed of and founded by young Europeans.


Following the Y8 and Y20 Summits in 2011– previously called G8 & G20 Youth Summits - held in Paris, France, the initiative "Youth AEGIS" was founded by Radoslav Šoth. Its main goal was to recruit the delegates of the European Union for the next editions of the Y8 and Y20 Summits. After a change in leadership in 2012, the initiative was renamed Young European Leadership and developed into an organization. The new association was legally established in Brussels as an AISBL (international non-profit organization) the year after, in February 2013. The Co-Founders were Tillmann Heidelk (President), Flóra Rétvalvi as Vice President, Jeroen Stevens as Secretary General and Treasurer, and Radoslav Šoth as member. Diana Carter was also part of the organization from the beginning.[2]


YEL aims to connect young people with decision makers. The organization trains young Europeans in leadership skills including public speaking and negotiation skills. YEL is also a platform for networking. Young adults participate in the Y8 and Y20 youth summits, as well as other European and international events.

Young European Council[edit]

Young European Leadership organized the Young European Council (YEC) 2014 in Brussels.[3] It gathered students and young professionals from all over Europe to address three challenges: education to employment, digital revolution and technologies, and sustainable development in cities; exchanging with policy-makers from the European institutions and think-tank experts. Guest speakers included the then-European Commissioner for Climate Action, Ms. Connie Hedegaard.[4]

Youth 8 and Youth 20 Summits[edit]

The Y8 and Y20 Summits[5]–formerly G8 and G20 Youth Summits[6]–are international youth conferences.

The Y8 and Y20 Summits are the official Group of Eight (G8) and Group of Twenty (G20) youth events.[7] Young adults aged 18 to 29 are encouraged to provide innovative solutions to global challenges. Their proposals are then presented to the real heads of state of all G20 and G8 countries.[7]

Host country Cities Summits Year
TurkeyTurkey Istanbul Y20 2015
AustraliaAustralia Sydney Y20 2014
United KingdomUK and RussiaRussia London and Saint Petersburg Y8[8] & Y20 2013
United StatesUnited States and MexicoMexico[9] Washington and Puebla Y8 & Y20[10] 2012
FranceFrance Paris Y8 & Y20 2011
CanadaCanada Vancouver Y8 & Y20[11] 2010
ItalyItaly[12] Milano Y8[13] 2009
JapanJapan Yokohama Y8[14] 2008
GermanyGermany[15] Berlin Y8[16][17] 2007
RussiaRussia Saint Petersburg Y8 2006

Young European Council[edit]

The Young European Council[18] is a simulation of the European Council for young people.[19] The different national positions on a variety of issues discussed at the European level such as energy, the question of the Euro or EU-bilateral relations, are covered.

The role of YEL is not only the practical organization of the Council, but also to prepare delegates and offer support, so the participants are able to make the most of their experience. The participants are also given the chance to discuss with key policy-makers: diplomats and experts and European and International Affairs.

European Development Days[edit]

European Development Days is Europe's forum for international affairs and development cooperation. This initiative is sponsored by the European Commission and its premier goal is to consolidate the general view on development issues and create a unified approach to achieve more effective international cooperation. The international delegation of YEL to the EDD 2013 blended in with 10 delegates, 6 young women, 4 young men, from Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.

YEL Society[edit]

The YEL Society was a project to bring together university students as well as young professionals, involved, or prepared and excited to be, in European and global politics. The Young European Leadership Society (YEL Society) believes that young people must be given the chance to design the world they are living in.



European and International Partners[edit]

In order to broaden its network and raise visibility on its work, YEL has several partners in Europe and worldwide.

European Partners:

International Partners

  • United Nations Foundation


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