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Google is the most popular search engine and provides a valuable tool for Wikipedia to know what search terms people are using most frequently to find Wikipedia. Most of these visits will be newcomers, seeing Wikipedia for the first time. So it would be good for Wikipedia lovers to watch such statistics and to make sure those pages most frequently visited by new guests are in top shape.

A good impression can lead to a new user. New users may add more content and knowledge to Wikipedia.

Pages to Watch[edit]

General Google Search Patterns and Trends[edit]

Google has a web page called Google Zeitgeist about search patterns and trends for the web in general. This can tell us at Wikipedia what people are looking for. Do we have content for them to find? If not, it would be good for us to have as high priority the creating of such a listing, especially for the most recent top ten searches.

Ideally, the Google Zeitgeist stats should match the Google to Wikipedia links stats.

Google to Wikipedia links[edit]

Information like this can tell us

  1. What the most visited pages are for people coming from Google -- newcomer traffic.
  2. What people are searching for, that happens to be found at Wikipedia

Sample statistics from Fri, 7 March 2003: (listing those articles with the highest number of visitors sent to us by Google.)

Some more recent stats would be nice. The stats could be archived.

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