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Supreme Emperor of the Hialeahan Empire
Moctezuma II, the Last Aztec King (Reigned 1502–20) WDL6724.png
Infobox King
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Local Wikipedia nerd that binges reading and editing history pages.

The editor, User:Mangokeylime, seems to have a thing for infoboxes.

— Heironymous Rowe


Pretty easy going editor that will go on Wikipedia binges and read and edit. I am interested in religious studies, sociology, and anthropology. I mostly add infoboxes and make sidebars. Sometimes I will add relevant cited info if I go on a serious binge.

Also realized that Wikipedia desperately needs more articles about Cuba and Cuban Americans, and the history of Native Americans.

If you are also into some of my favorite topics, that's awesome!

My favorite topics[edit]