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"It can travel along the human urine stream and straight into your penis, Yaay! Imagine a pain so intense, you'd rather tear off your own genitals than endure it one second longer. I'm Wikibear!"
"Reality is an illusion, Nietzsche was right!"
"The Universe is absurd! Sorry, one too many?"
Conan TV show 13th May 2014

My favourite own quote was after a couple of hours of fixing dodgy English in articles:
It looks like something 1,000,000 monkeys might have come up with in their "Best of our sentences from everything we randomly generated in our quest for Shakespeare".

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Made the Archive "search" facility :¬) User:Chaosdruid/Archivesearchmadebyme
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Improved {{tl:page tabs}} from 9 per row to 12 per row - a small but very annoying limitation removed!

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...awards: Little gifts that made me happy :¬)

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