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General note[edit]

Hi. I've been on here since the mid-2000's. I am not an administrator. I think it distracting to include personal information. If you need help, I suggest beginning with a search on help:topic. If you are more advanced search the template section with template:name. Wikipedia changes a lot, including the help and the templates. A topic is usually found in multiple places, so be persistent.

You will encounter many situations on WP, many of which are entirely unfair. Wikipedia is, after all, no better than the people that participate in it. The same may be said of article quality. You will find many resources. The Internet has worked a revolution in education, and Wikipedia is definitely a part of it. The experts, however, are generally to be found elsewhere. We do try to point you to them.

Probably the most fundamental courtesy on Wikipedia is, have a reason for every change you make, and state it up front. "No reason" itself is an excuse for reversion. If you state your reason fairly, you may be surprised, it will generally be accepted. WP recommends you be aggressive. Most people want to help. There are some participants at any level who intend the opposite or are entirely motivated by their own agenda. All I can say is, if you get discourged you are acceding to their negative intents.

WP does have a guideline, which serves to some degree as a rule book if conflicts arise. Most topics are referenced by a code stated as a link.

Enjoy your WP editing.Botteville (talk) 23:04, 20 April 2020 (UTC)

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Biographical note[edit]

It struck me that while personal aggrandizement is often offensive, still, some credibility needs to be established. I therefore offer you this brief summary.

I'm an older male from Eastern Massachusetts. I visited World War II carriers in Boston when it was a carrier port. Those Hellcats seemed pretty small to me. As a young man I had some experience in the navy, which stood me in good stead. Later I had some engineering school. I changed major and got a BA in Classics, then an MA. I was shooting for archaeology, didn't make it. Worked for a library. Taught high school. Went into technical writing mainly of computer manuals. Worked for some well known companies. Married, had a number of children. Retired. Know Greek, Latin, read French. With the Internet translate program you can read most anything. Math through integral calculus. There you have it.

I've run into quite a bit of rudeness on WP. All I can say is, you demean yourself, not me. If you want to show the world what a jerk you are, go ahead.