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"Two Hussars" ("Два гусара" ["Dva gusara"]) is a novella by Leo Tolstoy published in 1856, and translated into English by Nathan Haskell Dole. This is a novel in which one generation struggles against an earlier generation, or Tolstoy's generation is in struggle against that of his fathers.[1] Tolstoy translator Aylmer Maude describes the text as a "a rollicking tale with flashes of humor resembling Charles Lever's."[2] Russian and Soviet literary scholar Boris Eikhenbaum has suggested that the introduction to Two Hussars was actually intended to be in The Decembrists, the incomplete novel that was supposed to be the following installment of War and Peace.[3]

Publication History[edit]

It has frequently been republished as a companion text to the novella Polikúshka, in 1950[4] and 2010.[5]

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