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Tainan Theological College and Seminary
The main college building, constructed in 1903
Religious affiliation
117 Dongmen Road Section 1, Tainan, Taiwan

22°59′19″N 120°12′50″E / 22.98861°N 120.21389°E / 22.98861; 120.21389

Tainan Theological College and Seminary (TTCS; Chinese: 台南神學院; pinyin: Táinán shénxué yuàn) is a private Presbyterian educational institution in Tainan, Taiwan. It is one of three Presbyterian Church in Taiwan theological schools that trains students for ministry in the PCT, along with Taiwan Seminary and Central Taiwan Theological College and Seminary.


Founded in 1876 in Taiwan Prefecture by Thomas Barclay, a missionary from Scotland, who served as its first principal until he retired in 1925.[1] The institution was closed in 1940 under the Japanese Imperial government, but reopened in 1949 with Shoki Coe as its principal.[2]

Tainan Theological College and Seminary as of early 2020 has twelve full-time faculty members. The school offers degrees in divinity (M.Div., D.Min.), theology, church music, and social work, as well as continuing education programs for clergy and lay members.

Former principals[edit]

Notable faculty/alumni[edit]


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