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Kuladevi (female)Lakshmi
Populated statesWest Bengal
Population317,543 (West Bengal, 2001 census)

Shunris are a Bengali Hindu caste whose traditional occupation is the distillation and selling of country wine.[1]


In the census of 2001, the Shunris numbered 317,543 in West Bengal, consisting of 1.7% of the total Scheduled caste population of the state.[2] Shunri are scheduled castes in West Bengal.


The Shunris are predominantly Vaishnavas. Lakshmi is their titular deity. Thursday being the weekly day of worship of Lakshmi, they keep used to keep their liquor shops closed. Even today, both the foreign and country liquor off and on shops remain closed on Thursday. On the first day of Magh, they worship Bair Lakshmi with much pomp and grandeur. In the month of Kartik, they worship Kartik. The Shunris keep pigeons as pets, because they believe the flapping of their wings bring good luck to them.[citation needed]

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