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Polish Young Greens
Stowarzyszenie Ostra Zieleń
ChairpersonLaura Kwoczała and Piotr Malich
Political DirectorWiktor Miazek
Communications DirectorKacper Matuszewski
SpokespersonNikola Grzeszak
HeadquartersWarsaw, Poland
Membership200 (March 2021)
IdeologyGreen politics
Mother partyThe Greens (Poland)
European affiliationFederation of Young European Greens

Polish Young Greens (Polish: Stowarzyszenie Ostra Zieleń) is the youth organisation of The Polish Green Party.[1]


Polish Young Greens state that "The aim of Polish Young Greens is to promote values such as human rights, sustainable development, democracy, ecology, tolerance, and European integration. We want to learn how to resolve conflicts without using violence, counteract discrimination, racism, sexism, homophobia, socialize young people and local communities. To this end, we organize seminars, international exchanges, meetings, discussions and concerts. We also react to current political and social events: we organize happenings, we take part in protests and demonstrations."


Anyone between the age of 13 and 35 can join Polish Young Greens. There is an obligatory participation fee 5 PLN monthly, but there are some exceptions from this rule.


Polish Young Greens are affiliated with The Polish Green Party, being its youth organisation. Polish Young Greens are also a member of the Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) and Cooperation and Development Network in Eastern Europe (CDNEE).[2]


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