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Reformed Political Party Youth
Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij-jongeren
ChairpersonWillem Pos
FoundedJanuary 24, 1934
HeadquartersDinkel 7 3068 HB
Ideologyorthodox Calvinism
Mother partyReformed Political Party (SGP)

The Reformed Political Party Youth (Dutch: Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij-jongeren), officially abbreviated as SGPJ or SGP-jongeren, is the youth wing of the Dutch Reformed Political Party, an orthodox Calvinist political party.

The SGPJ is officially independent and established as Landelijk Verband van Staatkundig Gereformeerde Studieverenigingen (LVSGS)[1] in 1934 in Rotterdam and is with over 12,000 members in 2011 the largest political youth organization of the Netherlands.

In 1987 women were allowed to become members and in 2007 a woman was elected for the first time to the board.


The SGPJ publishes two magazines:

  • Klik, SGP Jeugdblad ('Click, SGP youth magazine') for under sixteen youth
  • In Contact, SGP Jongerenblad ('In Contact, SGP youth magazine')


Presidents of the SGPJ:

  1. D. Bogaard (1934–1938)
  2. C. Meijer (1938–1946)
  3. J.C. Hooykaas (1946–1947)
  4. Pieter Jan Dorsman (1947–1971)
  5. Gert van den Berg (1972–1986)
  6. George van Heukelom (1986–1991)
  7. Hans Tanis (1991–1999)
  8. Elbert Dijkgraaf (1999–2003)
  9. Christian van Bemmel (2003–2006)
  10. Jan Kloosterman (2006–2009)
  11. Jacques Rozendaal (2009–2013)
  12. Jan–Willem Kranendonk (2013–2016)
  13. Willem Pos (2016–2019)
  14. Arie Rijneveld (2019–)


  1. ^ Officially LVSGS/SGP-jongeren since 1986 and SGP-jongeren since 2000.

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