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Dr. Ronald Levant

Ronald F. Levant is a psychologist, a professor, and a former president of the American Psychological Association (APA). After earning an undergraduate degree at the University of California, Berkeley, Levant completed a Doctor of Education (EdD) at Harvard University. He also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Boston University.[1]

Much of Levant's work has focused on men and fatherhood. At Boston University in the 1980s, Levant taught eight-week parenting courses for fathers.[2] He authored the parenting guide Between Father and Child in the 1980s.[3] From 2007 to 2015, he served as the editor of the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity.[4] He is widely considered one of the key people responsible for creating the new field of the psychology of men and masculinities. He was included in the Elsevier-Stanford University data base listing the top 2% of scientists in the world. His subfields are listed as social psychology (rank # 577) and clinical psychology (rank # 626).[5]

Levant is a psychology professor emeritus at the University of Akron.[1] He has also held faculty appointments at Boston University, Harvard Medical School, Rutgers University and Nova Southeastern University.[4][6] He was the APA president in 2005.[4] He is also a former president of the Massachusetts Psychological Association,[3] and of two Divisions of APA: 43 (Family Psychology) and 51 (Psychology of Men and Masculinities). He was awarded the APA Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research in 2011.[7] His coauthored book, The Tough Standard: The Hard Truths About Masculinity and Violence (2020, Oxford University Press, with Shana Pryor) won the William James Book Award from Division 1 (General Psychology) of APA in 2021.[8]

Selected publications[edit]

  • Between Father and Child: How To Become the Kind of Father You Want To Be, Penguin Books, 1991 (with John Kelly). ISBN 978-0-14-015261-6.
  • Family Therapy: A Comprehensive Overview, Prentice-Hall, 1987. ISBN 978-0-13-302885-0
  • Masculinity Reconstructed. Dutton, 1995. (With Gini Kopecky). ISBN 0-525-93846-X
  • Men and Sex: New Psychological Perspectives, J. Wiley, 1997 (editor, with Gary R. Brooks). ISBN 978-0-47-116903-1.
  • The Psychology of Men and Masculinities, American Psychological Association, 2017 (with Y. Joel Wong). ISBN 978-1-43-382690-0.
  • The Tough Standard: The Hard Truths About Masculinity and Violence, Oxford University Press, 2020 (with Shana Pryor). ISBN 9780190075873.[9]


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