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The Liguang Cup (Chinese: 理光杯; pinyin: Lǐguāng Bēi), or Ricoh Cup, was a Chinese Go competition. It was held 15 times from 2000 to 2015.


This tournament was sponsored by "Ricoh Hong Kong Limited". The first year featured eight invited participants. The next year it was increased to 16 and then 54 in the third term. The 2011 game featured 48 players. The prize money was 80,000 ($12,300).[1]

Past winners and runners-up[edit]

Year Winner Runner-up
2001 Chang Hao Zhou Heyang
2002 Gu Li Kong Jie
2003 Kong Jie Liu Xing
2004 Chang Hao Liu Xing
2005 Xie He Wang Xi
2006 Wang Xi Chang Hao
2007 Hu Yaoyu Chang Hao
2008 Qiu Jun Gu Li
2009 Wang Yao Zhou Heyang
2010 Kong Jie Xie He
2011 Tan Xiao Li Zhe
2012 Yang Dingxin Piao Wenyao
2013 Zhou Ruiyang Tang Weixing
2014 Lian Xiao Wu Guangya
2015 Ke Jie Shi Yue


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