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Park Soon-kyung (Korean박순경; Hanja朴淳敬; born 1923 - 24 October 2020) was a South Korean Methodist theologian.[1]


Born in Yeoju of Gyeonggi Province, Park first studied nursing before pursuing degrees in theology at Methodist Theological University in Seoul and philosophy at Seoul National University.[2] She went for further studies in the United States, pursuing an M.Div. at Emory University and a Ph.D. at Drew University, completing a dissertation in 1966 on "Man in Karl Barth's doctrine of election."[3]

Park returned to South Korea and was a professor of theology for 22 years at Ewha Woman's University (1966–1988), where she continued to hold a post as a professor emerita.[4] She is known for her work towards a theology for the unification of North and South Korea, drawing from and critiquing minjung theology,[5] and for the promotion of South Korean feminist theology.[6]


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