Occupation of the Student Union Building Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occupation_of_the_Student_Union_Building

Swedish leftist student uprising – occupation of the Student Union Building in Stockholm. The then minister of education Olof Palme came and tried to persuade the students to embrace reformism and liberal democratic values.[1]

The occupation of the Student Union Building was one of the most talked about events in Sweden in 1968. Students at Stockholm University decided to occupy the Stockholm University Student Union's building at Holländargatan in Stockholm on 24–27 May 1968 to send a political message to the government.

The students were inspired by the protests of May 1968 in France but used less violence. This was one of many political protests in 1968.[2]

Borgerliga Studenter – Opposition '68 was created as a reaction against the leftist students. The building itself is today part of the Stockholm School of Economics.

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