New Territories South East (2021 constituency) Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Territories_South_East_(2021_constituency)

New Territories South East
Geographical Constituency
for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Outline map
Boundary of New Territories South East in Hong Kong
DistrictSai Kung District
Eastern part of Sha Tin District
RegionNew Territories
Current constituency
Number of membersTwo
Member(s)Li Sai-wing (DAB)
Lam So-wai (PP)
Created fromNew Territories East (1998)

The New Territories South East geographical constituency is one of the ten geographical constituencies in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong which elects two members of the Legislative Council using the single non-transferable vote (SNTV) system. The constituency covers Sai Kung District and Eastern part of Sha Tin District in New Territories.[3]


The constituency was created under the overhaul of the electoral system imposed by the Beijing government in 2021, replacing the Sai Kung District and eastern part of Sha Tin District (Hoi Nam, Chung On, Kam To, Ma On Shan Town Centre, Wu Kai Sha, Lee On, Fu Lung, Kam Ying, Yiu On, Heng On, Tai Shui Hang, On Tai, Yu Yan, Kwong Hong, Kwong Yuen) of the New Territories East constituency used from 1998 to 2021. A constituency with the same name were also created for the 1995 Legislative Council election in the late colonial period which elected one seat with a similar boundary.

Returning members[edit]

Election Member Party Member Party
2021 Li Sai-wing DAB Lam So-wai PP

Election results[edit]


2021 Legislative Council election: New Territories South East
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
DAB (NTAS) Li Sai-wing 82,595 64.77
PP Lam So-wai 38,214 29.97
Nonpartisan Daryl Choi Ming-hei 6,718 5.27
Total valid votes 127,527 100.00
Rejected ballots 2,881
Turnout 130,408 27.58
Registered electors 472,751
DAB win (new seat)
PP win (new seat)


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