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The National Alliance of Student Organizations in Romania (Romanian: Alianţa Naţională a Organizaţiilor Studenţeşti din România - ANOSR) is the largest single national-level student federation in Romania. It represents 115 organizations from cities across the country. Over the years ANOSR has played a crucial role in defending students' rights and representing local organizations at a national level.


The associations which are members of ANOSR implement generic projects for student movement from Romania.[citation needed] ANOSR's relationship with member organizations is based on principles of transparency and nonpartisanship, facilitating access to any representative and apolitical student.[citation needed]

National activity[edit]

ANOSR is involved in the development of educational and youth policy at national level, formulating and supporting students' positions and offering member organizations support regarding the implementation of these policies at a local level.[citation needed] It is a dialogue partner of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, and a member of the National Council for the Reform of Higher Education.[citation needed] ANOSR works with structures in the private sector, trade unions, the media and local authorities.[citation needed]

International relations[edit]

ANOSR is affiliated with the ESU - European Students' Union (The National Federation of Student Organizations in Europe), which, since 2002, has been the only national student organization in Romania.[citation needed] Also, ANOSR attended the Global Cooperation's Students Summit, the first event to bring student leaders from around the world together, after which the basis of student cooperation was established worldwide.[citation needed]

In 2006, Viorel Proteasa representing ANOSR was elected as a member of the executive committee of ESU.[citation needed] In 2008, Ligia Deca, ex-President of ANOSR, was elected president of the Federation of Student Organizations in Europe, the first student from Eastern Europe to hold this position.[citation needed] She was re-elected in April 2009 (until May 2010) for a new term, leading more than 11 million students from Europe.[citation needed] In 2012, ANOSR was the host of the General Meeting of ESU with 300 student representatives from across Europe gathered in Bucharest, and in 2015 ANOSR will once again host the same event in Cluj-Napoca. In 2015, Cristi Popescu, former president of ANOSR, was elected as a member of the executive committee of European Students' Union.[citation needed]


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