Mining industry of the Comoros Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mining_industry_of_the_Comoros

As of 2006, the mineral industry of continued to be limited to the production of such construction materials as clay, sand and gravel, and crushed stone for local consumption.[1] Mineral production data continued to be unavailable as of 2006.[1] The Comoros did not play a significant role in the world's production or consumption of minerals.[1]

The demand for cement, steel, and petroleum products was met through imports.[1] In 2005, imports of petroleum products accounted for 12% of total imports; cement, 8%; and iron and steel, nearly 4%.[1] Imports of cement amounted to 55,867 metric tons (t); petroleum products, 20,487 t; and iron and steel, 3,678 t.[1]


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