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Mauritanian Parliament

برلمان موريتانيا
Parlement mauritanien
Seal of Mauritania (2018).svg
Unicameral (formerly bicameral)
Seats157 members
Single-member district
Meeting place

The Mauritanian Parliament (Barlamane/Parlement) is composed of a single chamber, the National Assembly (Al Jamiya al-Wataniyah/Assemblée Nationale). Composed of 157 members, representatives are elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies.

Mauritanian National Assembly in 2005

Until 2017, the parliament had an upper house, the Senate (Majlis al-Shuyukh/Sénat). The Senate had 56 members, 53 members elected for a six-year term by municipal councillors with one third renewed every two years and 3 members elected by Mauritanians abroad. It was abolished in 2017, after a referendum.

Currently, the National Assessmbly is headed by Cheikh Ahmed Baye who was elected as its president. The last election was on 15 November 2018. In it, the Union for the Republic (UPR), holds the most number of seats.

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