List of political parties in the Central African Republic Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_the_Central_African_Republic

The Central African Republic has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties and a third party that is electorally successful.


Current parties[edit]

Parliamentary parties[edit]

Party Abbr. Leader Political position Ideology Assembly
United Hearts Movement
Mouvement cœurs unis
MCU Faustin-Archange Touadéra Centre-left Social democracy
40 / 140
National Convergence "Kwa Na Kwa"
Convergence nationale - Kwa Na Kwa
KNK François Bozizé Centre-left Pro-Bozizé
9 / 140
Movement for the Liberation of the Central African People
Mouvement de libération du peuple centrafricain
MLPC Martin Ziguélé Centre-left
to left-wing
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
7 / 140
National Movement of Independents
Mouvement national des indépendants
7 / 140
Union for Central African Renewal
Union pour le renouveau centrafricain
URCA Anicet-Georges Dologuélé Liberalism
7 / 140
Central African Democratic Rally
Rassemblement démocratique centrafricain
RDC Désiré Kolingba Centre-left
to left-wing
African nationalism
Democratic socialism
Social democracy
6 / 140
African Party for Radical Transformation and Integration of States [fr]
Parti africain pour une transformation radicale et l'intégration des États
PATRIE Crépin Mboli-Goumba [fr]
3 / 140
Path of Hope
Chemin de l'Espérance
Karim Meckassoua
3 / 140
National Union for Democracy and Progress
Union nationale pour la démocratie et le progrès
UNDP Michel Amine [fr]
1 / 140
Party for Democratic Governance
Parti pour la gouvernance démocratique
1 / 140
National Union of Republican Democrats
Union nationale des démocrates républicains
1 / 140

Other parties[edit]

Former parties[edit]