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Kuladevta (male)Vishwakarma
Kuladevi (female)Lakshmi
LanguagesBengali, Odia
Populated statesWest Bengal, Odisha
Family nameskansari family

Kansabanik or Kansari (Bengali: কংসবনিক, Odia: କଂସାରୀ) is a Hindu caste[1] found from West Bengal, Odisha and Assam state of India. Who are traditionally braziers and coppersmiths by profession.[2] They are one of the fourteen castes belonging to 'Nabasakh' group in Bengal.[3] Kanshabaniks are recognized as Other Backward Class by the Government of West Bengal.[4]

Varna status[edit]

Bṛhaddharma Puraṇa placed Kansabanik and other trading castes in middle-ranking Shudra category.[5]

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