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Jane Pilcher SFHEA is a sociologist specialising in names and naming, gender, and ageing.[1] She is an associate lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, having previously held posts at Cardiff University and the University of Leicester.[1]


Pilcher has a PhD (1992) from Cardiff University; her thesis title was "Social change and feminism: three generations of women, feminist issues and the women's movement".[2]


After research at Cardiff, Pilcher worked at the University of Leicester as a lecturer and later an associate professor. In 2019 she moved to Nottingham Trent University as associate professor of sociology.[1]

Her 2004 book Fifty key concepts in gender studies, co-authored with Imelda Whelehan (Sage: ISBN 9781412932073)[3][4] was published in a second edition as Key concepts in gender studies (2016, Sage: ISBN 9781446260289) with the addition of nine further concepts.[5]

Her work has led to several appearances in the media including discussion of children and fashion on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour in 2011[6] and of names on Thinking Allowed in 2016[7] and Woman's Hour in 2017.[8]

In 2015, she became a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.[1]

Selected publications[edit]

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  • Pilcher, Jane (1998). Women of their time: generation, gender issues, and feminism. Aldershot: Ashgate. ISBN 9781840141979.
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