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International Young Democrat Union
The IYDU logo is a stylised globe criss-crossed with blue lines.
FormationMarch 1991; 31 years ago (1991-03)
TypePolitical international
PurposeWorld federation of conservatives youth organizations[1]
HeadquartersOslo, Norway
Region served
Official language
Michael Dust
Secretary General
Nick Francis
Parent organisation
International Democrat Union

The International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) is a global alliance of centre-right political youth organisations and the youth wing of the International Democrat Union.[2][3][4]

The IYDU in its current form was founded in March 1991 in Washington, D.C. A previous organisation of the same name had been established in July 1981, also in Washington, but subsequently ceased to exist.[3]

The IYDU fights for conservative and free-market policies worldwide.[5]

IYDU host a number of events for member organisations each year including a Freedom Forum (mid-year), an Annual Council Meeting, and overseas study visits.

Following almost 6 years of the IYDU being split over differences in the interpretation of the IYDU constitution, the International Young Democrat Union Joint Council Meeting elected a unified IYDU Board in Brussels on 21 October 2017.


"The International Young Democrat Union is a global alliance of centre-right political youth organisations united by a common desire for greater freedom and less government.

First established in 1981, two years before its parent organisation the International Democrat Union (IDU), then re-established in 1991, the IYDU has grow from 14 members to 127, from more than 81 different nations. Our membership is diverse. We come from a rich array of histories, cultures and political traditions, but we are united by a shared commitment to freedom, and to fighting socialism. Some of us come from established democracies with deep-rooted beliefs in individual freedom and liberty; some have experienced first-hand the destructive evil of communism; others are still fighting for basic freedoms.

Throughout the year the IYDU hosts a number of events around the world. Current and future leaders network, discuss ideology, share ideas and build friendships. Our events include a Freedom Forum in the middle of the year, a Study Trip, and a Council Meeting held towards the end/start of the calendar year.

Becoming involved in IYDU demonstrates a commitment: to a better world, created through genuine democratic process. Participants at our conferences have progressed to become cabinet ministers, members of parliament, senior advisers and leaders within their respective industries in public and private sectors."[6]

Parent Organization[edit]

The parent organisation to IYDU, the International Democrat Union (IDU) is a working association of 71 full and associate members from 63 different countries. Formed in 1983, founder members included Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; US Vice-President George H. W. Bush; Mayor of Paris, and later French President, Jacques Chirac; and German Chancellor Helmut Kohl.[7]


Name Years Organisation Country
Mark Heywood 1992–1994 Young Liberals  Australia
Tony Zagotta 1994–1998 College Republicans  United States of America
Andrew Rosindell 1998–2002 Young Conservatives  United Kingdom
Shane Frith 2002–2004 Young Nationals  New Zealand
Donald Simpson 2004–2006 Conservative Future Scotland  United Kingdom
Peter Skovholt Gitmark 2006–2008 Young Conservatives  Norway
Tim Dier 2008–2010 Conservative Future  United Kingdom
Daniel Walther 2010–2012 Junge Union  Germany
Nicolas Figari 2012–2012 Independent Democratic Union Youth  Chile
Aris Kalafatis 2012–2014 Youth Organisation of New Democracy  Greece
Gerti Bogdani 2014–2016 Youth of Democratic Party of Albania  Albania
Simon Breheny 2016–2017 Young Liberals  Australia
Bashir Wardini 2016–2018 Lebanese Forces Youth Association  Lebanon
Abdelmajid Fassi Fihri 2018–2019 Youth Istiqlal Party  Morocco
Bruno Kazuhiro 2019–2021 Juventude Democratas  Brazil
Michael Dust 2021– Junge Union  Germany


Board 2021[9][edit]

  • Chairman:

 Germany: Michael Dust (Junge Union)

  • Deputy Chairman:

 Tanzania: Dorcas Francis (Bavicha)

  • Secretary General:

 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: Nick Francis (NDP)

  • Deputy Secretary General:

 Australia: Josh Manuatu (Young Liberals)

  • Treasurer:

 Greece: Syrilla Makarezou (ONNED – Greece)

  • Vice-Chairs:

 Argentina Martin Cesar (PRO)

 Morocco Marwa El Ansari (Istiqlal)

 Sweden Fredrik Hultman (MUF)

 UK Nicola Richards MP (Young Conservatives)

 Armenia Lilit Beglaryan (YRPA)

   Nepal Hikmat Jung Karki (NDYO)

 USA Rick Loughery (YRNF)

 India Sourabh Choudhary (BJP)

 Cyprus Isabella Tymviou (NEDISY)

 Ghana Nana Asafo Adjei Ayeh (NPP)

  • Co-Opted Vice-Chairs:

 Belgium Thomas Belligh (Jong CD&V)

 Chile Javier Molina (RN)

 Europe Virgilio Falco (EDS / Italy)

 Jamaica Kendron Christopher (JLP)

 Belgium Glen De Waele (Jong N-VA)

 Finland Heidi Hanhela (KNL)

 El Salvador Eduardo Lacayo (ARENA)

 Portugal Jose Montero Limao (JP CDS-PP)

 Ecuador Patricia De Guzman (PSC)

 Italy Roberto Pellizzaro (Forza Italia Giovani)

 Iraq Falah Hasan (KDP – Kurdistan Region)

 Austria Eva Dohalova (JVP)


Some of the IYDU members are:


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