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Frank Gatson Jr.
Frank Gatson Jr.

October 4
Louisiana (born)
Milwaukee, Wisconsin (origin)
EducationUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison (BA)
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee (MA)
OccupationCreative director, Director, Choreographer and Manager
Years active1980s—present
Former groupsAlvin Ailey Dance, Broadway Dance Centre, Up With People Inc. and Alpha Phi Alpha Inc.

Frank Gatson Jr. is an American director and choreographer.

He is the creative director for En Vogue, Brandy, Kelly Rowland, Muni Long, Jussie Smollett, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, a position he has held since her tenure with Destiny's Child.[1] He has also choreographed videos, routines and live performances for other artists including R. Kelly, Michael Jackson, TLC, En Vogue, Kelly Rowland, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Fifth Harmony, Destiny's Child, Little Mix, Toni Braxton and Usher.[2][3][4] Additionally, he served as choreographer for Disney's animated film Hercules, providing choreography for The Muses.

In 2016, he hosted BET's Chasing Destiny alongside Kelly Rowland. The pair formed a R&B girl group June's Diary who he now manages. Frank Gatson Jr. was manager for Luke James and Tyrese Gibson.

Early career[edit]

Gatson graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1980 and began dancing for Up With People, an organization that travelled the globe performing at all various kinds of venues even appearing at several Super Bowl halftime performances. Eventually, he worked his way up to official 'dance captain' and began to manage the show itself. He later moved to New York to study at the 'Broadway Dance Center' and 'Alvin Ailey Dance Center'. After finishing his time at Ailey and Broadway Centers he returned to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and received a Masters in Theatre and Dance. He got his first professional break when he danced in Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" video in 1986.

Work with En Vogue[edit]

Music videos[edit]

1992 "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" (as choreographer) [5]
1992 "Free Your Mind" (as choreographer) [5]
1993 "Runaway Love" (as choreographer) [5]
1994 "Whatta Man" (as choreographer) [5]
1996 "Don't Let Go (Love)" (as creative director) [5]
1997 "Whatever" (as choreographer [5]
1997 "Too Gone, Too Long" (as creative director) [5]
2000 "Riddle" (as creative director) [5]

Work with R. Kelly[edit]

Music videos[edit]

2008 Skin (as choreographer) [6]
2012 Feelin' Single (as choreographer and dancer) [7]

Tours and live performances[edit]

  • Down Low Top Secret Tour (1996) (as director and choreographer)
  • 39th Annual Grammy Awards (1998) (as choreographer)
  • Get Up On a Room Tour (1999) (as director and choreographer)
  • Usher Raymond w/ Puffy “No Way Out Tour” (1998) (as director and choreographer)
  • TP-2.COM Tour (2001) (as choreographer)
  • 2005 MTV VMA's (2005) (as choreographer)
  • 2015 Soul Train Awards (2015) (as choreographer)
  • The Buffet Tour (2016) (as director and choreographer)

Work with Beyoncé[edit]

Music videos[edit]

2003 Crazy in Love (as choreographer) [6]
2003 Baby Boy (as choreographer) [5]
2003 Me, Myself and I (as choreographer) [5]
2005 Check on It (as choreographer) [5]
2006 Ring the Alarm (as choreographer) [5]
2006 Green Light (as choreographer) [5]
2006 Irreplaceable (as choreographer) [5]
2006 Upgrade U (as choreographer) [5]
2007 Suga Mama (as choreographer) [5]
2007 Freakum Dress (as choreographer) [5]
2009 Ego (as director, creative director and choreographer) [8]
2009 Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) (as creative director and choreographer) [9]
2009 If I Were A Boy (as a choreographer) [5]
2009 Diva (as a choreographer) [5]
2011 Move Your Body (as choreographer) [10]
2011 Run The World (Girls) (as choreographer) [11]
2011 Countdown (as choreographer) [12]

Tours and live performances[edit]



Work with Usher[edit]

Music videos[edit]

1997 You Make Me Wanna... (as choreographer) [5]
1997 My Way (as choreographer) [5]
2001 You Remind Me (as choreographer) [5]
2008 Love in This Club (as choreographer and creative director) [5]
2008 Moving Mountains (as creative director) [5]

Tours and live performances[edit]


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