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First Priority of America
IndustryMinistry, Publishing
Local Cities across the country
United States
Key people
Executive Director Mark Robbins
ServicesStrategy and resources for Christian youth campus ministry

First Priority is a youth organization that supports student-initiated, student-led Christian clubs on middle school and high school campuses.

First Priority of America, Inc. supports local city FP movements in cities across the US.

First Priority Strategy was founded by Christian author and speaker Benny Proffitt and 11 other youth Pastors in the Irving, TX area. The first city to take this strategy and follow it through to maturity is found in Birmingham, AL (approx 20 years old).

The vision of First Priority is to see the Hope of Christ in every student in America. The mission of the organization is to unite the body of Christ with a plan of action to influence the schools with the gospel. The distinction between First Priority and other club ministries is that they are a local-church strategy rather than a para-church ministry. They work to empower the 325,000 Evangelical churches to reach the students in 41,000 Public Middle and High schools in the U.S.

In 2017, First Priority of America hired a new President and CEO, Dr. Rick Forbus].

Local Organizations[edit]

  • First Priority Greater Birmingham, AL, Executive Directors - (Greg Davis)
  • First Priority South Florida, Executive Director - (Chris Lane, Fred Revell)
  • First Priority of LakeShore (Western, MI), Executive Director - (Sandy Mast)
  • First Priority of South Mississippi, Executive Director - (JD Simpson)
  • First Priority Muskegon, MI, Area Director - (Jim Keck)
  • First Priority Tri-States (East TN/KY-West VA), Executive Director - (Emery Minton)
  • First Priority NW Arkansas, Area Director - (Phil Brown)
  • First Priority Tri-County KY, Area Director - (Tim Bargo)
  • First Priority Front Range, CO, Area Director
  • First Priority Tampa, FL, Area Director - (Amber Johansen)
  • First Priority Greater Nashville, TN, Area Director - (Steve Cherrico)
  • First Priority Great Plains (SD, IA), Area Director - (Kim Erkonen, Kari Elrod)
  • First Priority Greater Decatur, Executive Director - (Larry Franks)
  • First Priority Northern KY - Executive Director - (Paul Anglin)
  • First Priority Cincinnati, OH - Executive Director - (Scott Dotas)
  • First Priority Orlando, Area Director -
  • First Priority Southern Illinois - (Toby Robinson)
  • First Priority Blue Ridge, TN, Area Director - (Haley Wherry)
  • First Priority ArkLaTex, Area Director - (John Carruth)
  • First Priority Permian Basin, TX - Executive Director - (Shane Kenney)
  • First Priority Heritage, KY - Executive Director - (Shawn Ingram)
  • First Priority Los Banos, CA, Area Coordinator - (Justin Lopes)
  • First Priority North AL, Executive Director - (Casey Jones)
  • First Priority North Georgia - (Darin Peppers)
  • First Priority Southeast Kentucky - (Bo Lee)
  • First Priority of Pensacola, FL- (Jonathon Hill)
  • First Priority of Metro East St. Louis, MO- (Sean Hall)
  • First Priority of Baldwin County-
  • First Priority of Lake City, FL (Steven Greene)
  • First Priority of Clayton, NC- (Joel Rowland)
  • First Priority of West Florida- (Aaron Kramer)
  • First Priority of Houston, TX- (Ricardo Diaz)
  • First Priority of Greater Lubbock, TX- (Carter Shuman)
  • First Priority of Oklahoma City, OK- (Stan Stafford)


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