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European Scout Federation (British Association)
European Scout Federation (British Association).png
CountryUnited Kingdom
National CommissionerJarrod McCormack
AffiliationConfédération Européenne de Scoutisme
F.S.E. (British Association)
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The European Scout Federation (British Association) is a Traditional Scouting youth organisation. It is a part of the other Scouting in the United Kingdom. Original test work set out by Robert Baden-Powell is still used. The original uniform is still evident today, broad brimmed hats, khaki shirts and shorts, making the wearer instantly recognisable as a Scout.


The European Scout Federation (British Association) is one of the organisations that founded the CES after leaving the Fédération du Scoutisme Européen (FSE), later renamed to the Union Internationale des Guides et Scouts d'Europe, The Badge of the Association consists of a gold fleur-de-Lys on a red Cross Pattée, with a blue background, the old badge of the FSE.


Section Ages Part of Activities Formed
Otter Colony 5–7 Group Always busy and bright. 1987
Wolf Cub Pack 7–10½ Group A Scout in Training. 1916
Scout Troop 10½–16 Group For the advancement of Scouting skills. 1907
Rover Crew 16–No upper limit Group Emphasis on Service and adventure. 1918
Ranger Crew 16–No upper limit Group Emphasis on Service and adventure. 1974


Total Membership in 2015: 516

  • Otters: 67
  • Cubs: 190
  • Scouts: 126
  • Rovers: 82
  • Adult Members: 4
  • Leaders: 47 - does not include Rovers who are also Leaders


  • Central Province
    • 1st / 2nd Derbyshire
    • 3rd / 4th Derbyshire
    • 5th / 6th Derbyshire
    • 1st / 2nd Gloucestershire
  • East Pennine Province
    • 1st / 2nd Yorkshire
  • Iceni Province
    • 1st / 2nd Cambridgeshire (Girton)
    • 7th / 8th Cambridgeshire (St. Ives)
    • 1st / 2nd Essex (Great Chesterford)
  • West Pennine Province
    • 1st Lancashire based at Prestwich, Greater Manchester
    • 2nd Lancashire based at Higher Blackley, Manchester
    • 3rd/4th Lancashire based at Newton Heath, Manchester
    • 5th Lancashire based at Higher Blackley, Manchester
    • 6th/15th Lancashire based at Middleton, Greater Manchester
    • 1st Cumberland based at Heads Nook, Brampton, Cumbria