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European Horizons
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Founder(s)Melina Sánchez Montañés, Igor Mitschka
EstablishedFebruary 2015
FocusFuture of the European and Transatlantic Affairs
Executive DirectorKaterina Hoskova
New Haven
United States

European Horizons is a policy incubator working to foster a stronger transatlantic bond and a more united Europe, which it sees as cornerstones of a future underpinned by democracy, equality, and freedom. The organization was founded at Yale University in 2015.[1]

By bringing together students, young professionals, and notable members of academia, government, and the private sector, European Horizons strives to provide opportunities to engage in a constructive dialogue that will foster a new vision for the future of Europe and transatlantic relations.

The organization is supported by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ Programme.[2][3]


European Horizons was founded on 14 February 2015 at the inaugural European Student Conference (ESC) at Yale University,[4][5] with the encouragement of policy-makers, such as Pascal Lamy, Tony Blair, David O'Sullivan, and Erhard Busek, and professors, such as David R. Cameron, Jolyon Howorth, and Vivien Schmidt.[6]


European Horizons seeks to fulfil its mission through four core pillars of work:

  1. Organizing policy-focused workshops, projects, and conferences.
  2. Building a network of chapters, partners, and policy-makers.
  3. Publishing innovative ideas.
  4. Forming a new generation of young transatlantic leaders.


European Horizons organizes several flagship events every year, including the European Student Conference and the European Horizons Policy Competition.

The annual European Student Conference provides an opportunity to ambitious students and young professionals to share their ideas and vision for transatlantic relations, and engage in debate with notable policy-makers, professors, and decision-makers from civil society and business.

The organization's Policy Competition allows teams of driven students to compete against each other in proposing solutions to a concrete policy problem. In 2021, teams pitched their ideas on how to make New Orleans more climate-resilient to the city's Office of Sustainability and Resilience.


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