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European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy)
Logo of the EFA Youth
Formation2000 (2000)
HeadquartersBoomkwekerijstraat 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Valentina Servera
Secretary General
Llŷr Williams
Parent organization
European Free Alliance
AffiliationsEuropean Youth Forum

The European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy) is the youth wing of the European Free Alliance European political party. EFAy is a European-wide youth organisation comprised with members who belong to political organisations that safeguard and promote the cultural, linguistic and national diversity of Europe in a progressive way. Its political principles are the right for self-determination, the recognition of minorities and ethnic groups, the protection of linguistic diversity inside the EU and in the European institutions, the preservation of the multicultural identity of Europe, an inclusive approach with migration issues, the decentralisation and subsidiarity of the politics to a regional and local level, and the condemnation of any type of discrimination, neither by sex, gender or birthplace.

EFAy General Assembly 2013 in Meran, South Tyrol
EFAy General Assembly in 2014 in Compostela, Galicia


EFAy Bureau (2019–2022)[1]
Position Name Organization Represents
President Valentina Servera Young Scots for Independence Scotland
Secretary General Llŷr Williams Plaid Ifanc Wales
Tresaurer Christian Franchi PNC Ghjuventù Corsica
Vice-President for External Relations Maylis Roßberg SSW-Ungdom Danish minority of Southern Schleswig
Vice-President Andoni Iriondo Gazte Abertzaleak Basque Country
Vice-President Andrea Mion Sanca Veneta Veneto
Vice-President Oriol Roig Young Republican Left of Catalonia Catalan Countries
Vice-President Lluc Sirvent JovesPV - Compromís Valencian Country
EFAy Presidents
Name Organization Represents Years
Valentina Servera Young Scots for Independence Scotland 2019–present
Max Zañartu Jovent Republicà Catalan Countries 2016–2019
Roccu Garoby PNC-Ghjuventù Corsica 2012–2016
Irati Aizpurua Gazte Abertzaleak Basque Country 2010–2012
Jezz Anbleydh Kernow X Cornwall 2009–2010
Rhisiart Tal-e-bot Kernow X Cornwall 2007–2009
Lander de Bilbao Gazte Abertzaleak Basque Country 2005–2007
Jonas Dutordoir Prego Flanders 2003-2005
Pere Aragonès Jovent Republicà Catalan Countries 2001–2003
Mikel Irujo Amezaga Gazte Abertzaleak Basque Country 2000–2001

Members and observers[edit]


It draws together 33 youth organisations from different regions/nations in 15 European states

Current state Name of the Organization Mother Party Represents Link
Austria Enotna Lista Youth Enotna Lista (EL) Carinthian Slovenes
Croatia Young Autonomists Lista za Rijeku  Rijeka LZR
Denmark Junge Spitzen Schleswig Party Bandera Alemanys Nord Slesvig.svg Nordschleswig JS
Denmark Unga Tjóðveldið Tjóðveldi  Faroe Islands UT
Finland Alands Framtid Youth Ålands Framtid  Åland AF
France Partitu di a Nazione Corsa Ghjuventù Partitu di a Nazione Corsa (PNC)  Corsica PdNC
France UDB-Yaouank Union Démocratique Bretonne (UDB)  Brittany UDB
Germany SSW Ungdom SSW Danish minority of Southern Schleswig Youth in the SSW
Germany Jungbayernbund (JBB) Bayernpartei (BP)  Bavaria BP Archived 2010-02-13 at the Wayback Machine
Greece Rainbow Youth Rainbow (Vinozhito) North Macedonia Macedonians MMG
Italy Partito Sardo d'Azione (PSd'A) Sardinian Action Party  Sardinia PSdA
Italy ALPE Esprit Jeune ALPE  Aosta Valley ALPE
Italy Junge Süd-Tiroler Freiheit (JSTF) Süd-Tiroler Freiheit (STF) South Tyrol JSTF
Italy Sanca Veneta  Veneto SV
Netherlands Fryske Nasjonale Partij Jongerein (FNPj) (FNP) Frisian National Party (FNP)  Friesland FNP
Poland Młodzież Górnośląska Ruch Autonomii Śląska Silesia MG
Spain/France Gazte Abertzaleak Eusko Alkartasuna (EA)  Euskal Herria GA
France Jovens d'Unitat Catalana Unitat Catalana Catalonia Catalan Countries
Spain/France Jovent Republicà Esquerra Republicana Catalonia Catalan Countries JERC
Spain Juventudes Andalucistas  Andalusia JJAA
Spain Galiza Nova Bloque Nacionalista Galego (BNG)  Galicia GN
Spain Joves d'Esquerra Nacionalista-PSM Partit Socialista de Mallorca (PSM) Flag of Mallorca.svg Mallorca JEN
Spain JovesPV-Compromís Bloc Nacionalista Valencià Senyera valenciana preautonòmica 2009.svg Valencian Country JPV
United Kingdom Young Scots for Independence Scottish National Party (SNP)  Scotland ysi.scot
United Kingdom Plaid Ifanc Plaid Cymru  Wales PCI
United Kingdom Kernow X Mebyon Kernow  Cornwall Kernow X
Czech Republic Mladí Moravané Moravané  Moravia MM


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