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Military conscription of people with disabilities has occurred on various occasions historically.


Below are listed known cases of the drafting of disabled persons.

  • In Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese War, more than 480 people with intellectual disabilities were conscripted.[1]
  • In the United States during the Vietnam War, there was a disability draft by the project 100,000. There are cases in which drafted disabled person went AWOL 15 times.[2]
  • in North Korea: The conscription physical examination has eased the criteria for military service suitability due to low height, and even short stature persons (mostly 140 to 150 centimeters. 142 centimeters,[3] 145 centimeters.[4] etc.) are conscripted. The criteria for exemption from conscription for short people were 138 centimeters or less, and there were times when the criteria for conscription exemption for short people were not applied.
  • in South Korea:
    • After the main culprit of the Yeoncheon medical unit beating death case [ko] was imprisoned in Military Correctional Institution, the main culprit assaulted the inmates. One of the victims of the assault was identified as intellectually disabled.
    • The murderer, who committed a motiveless murder in Chilgok, Gyeongsangbuk-do(칠곡 묻지마 살인사건), was conscripted and served in the military 13 years before the murder case was committed after being judged to be suitable for active duty by a physical examination. However, he was said to have deserted the military because he was unable to adapt during his military service, and was discharged after being imprisoned for 8 months in a Military Correctional Institution. After that, it was known that he had an intellectual disability even before the physical examination.[5]
    • There is a case in which a blind person with one eye invisible was disposed of as an subject to active duty conscription(Physical grade 1, which is considered completely healthy physically) in a physical examination.[6]
    • Case where a visually impaired student attending a vision impairment special school was disposed of as an active duty conscription(Physical grade 1, which is considered completely healthy physically) in a physical examination.[7]

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