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Chung Chi College
MottoAd Excellentiam (Latin)
止於至善 (Chinese)
Motto in English
In Pursuit of Excellence
HeadProf. Fong Wing Ping
AffiliationsThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, Service-Learning Asia Network[1]
Chung Chi College
Traditional Chinese崇基學院
Simplified Chinese崇基学院
Chung Chi College Campus

The Chung Chi College is one of the constituent colleges of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), and one of the three original colleges that joined to form the CUHK in 1963. Founded in 1951 by representatives of Protestant churches in Hong Kong, it was formally incorporated under the Chung Chi College Incorporation Ordinance in 1955.

Among the colleges of CUHK, Chung Chi is the only one with a religious background.


Chung Chi College was founded in 1951 by the representatives of Protestant Churches in Hong Kong to meet the need for a local institution of higher learning. The Board of Regents of St. John's University, Shanghai moved to Hong Kong after it was closed by the Communist government and assisted in the founding of Chung Chi College. The college aims to provide further education in accordance with Christian traditions so that its students can develop an appreciation of both Western and Chinese cultures. It was formally incorporated in 1955 under an ordinance of the government.

The college began with borrowed and rented premises, first in the Cathedral Hall and St. Paul's Co-educational College, then at No. 147 Caine Road and in the Bishop Hoare Memorial Building on Lower Albert Road. Expansion was made possible by financial help from church organizations in North America and Britain. Local churches, firms, and private individuals also gave considerable support. In 1956, the college moved to its permanent site in the Ma Liu Shui valley. Between 1959 and 1963, it received the bulk of its funds from the government. In 1963, it was incorporated as one of the three founding colleges of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

The college has a Chaplain's Office to promote activities which include assemblies, Sunday Service, Campus Christian Fellowship. The Theology Division (now named Divinity School of Chung Chi College) was established for the training of Christian ministers.

Presidents & Heads[edit]

Presidents & Heads of Chung Chi College:[2]

Presidents (1951-1977)[edit]

1. Dr. LEE, Ying-Lin (1951-1954)
2. Dr. LIN, Dao-Yang (1955-1960)
3. Dr. YUNG, Chi-Tung (1960-1975)
4. Mr. RAYNE, Robert N. (1975-1976)
5. Prof. TAM, Sheung-Wai (1976-1977)

College Heads (1977-Present)[edit]

5. Prof. TAM, Sheung-Wai (1977-1981)
6. Dr. FU, Philip (1981-1988)
7. Prof. TAM, Sheung-Wai (1988-1990)
8. Dr. SHEN, Philip (1990-1994)
9. Prof. LEE, Rance Pui-Leung (1994-2004)
10. Prof. LEUNG, Yuen-Sang (2004-2014)
11. Prof. CHAN, Victor Wai-Kwong (2014-2015)
12. Prof. FONG, Wing-Ping (2016-Present)

Notable alumni[edit]



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