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Carl-Gustaf Casimir Ehrnrooth (born 5 August 1969 in Helsinki) is a Finnish investor. He has been a member of the Guggenheim Foundation's Board of Directors since September 2008.[1] The Guggenheim Foundation was targeting a museum in the city of Helsinki with public funds of €140 million or €300 million.[2]


Carl-Gustaf Ehrnrooth’s father was Casimir Ehrnrooth. His siblings are Henrik, Johanna and Georg.[3]


Carl-Gustaf Ehrnrooth's family is the biggest owner of the construction company YIT, Structor S.A. 12.1% at the end of January 2012.[4] Carl-Gustav’s brother Henrik Ehrnrooth is the chairman of the YIT Board of Directors since 2009.[5]

Ehrnrooth has ownership in Corbis Investments that includes stocks of Pöyry,[6] Corbis is the major shareholder 30.96% in the end of March, 2012.[7] Structor S.A. and Corbis are both registered in Luxembourg.[8]

Fennogens Investments S.A. is an Investment company in Luxembourg wholly owned by brothers Carl-Gustaf Ehrnrooth, Henrik Ehrnrooth and Georg Ehrnrooth. Fennogens Investments was the major shareholder with 10.98% of EQ Bank at the end of March 2012.[9][10] eQ Corporation, was acquired by Straumur Investment Bank in Iceland in 2007 for approx €260 million and bought back in May 2009 for circa 37 million at the time.

Ehrnrooth had earlier invited Guggenheim project initiator Janne Gallen-Kallela-Sirén as a member of the board in a company he was a major owner in.[11]

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