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C.L.I.F. 4
GenrePolice procedural
Written byTang Yeow
Seah Choon Guan
Directed bySam Loh
Oh Liang Cai
Martin Chan
StarringLi Nanxing
Rui En
Zhang Yaodong
Elvin Ng
Ya Hui
Opening theme奉陪到底 by Ric
Ending theme奉陪到底 by Ric
Country of originSingapore
Original languagesMandarin, with some English dialogue
No. of episodes20 (list of episodes)
Executive producerChong Liung Man
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Picture format16:9 Widescreen
Original release6 September (2016-09-06) –
3 October 2016 (2016-10-03)
Preceded byThe Gentlemen
Followed byFire Up
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C.L.I.F. 4
Traditional Chinese警徽天職4
Simplified Chinese警徽天职4

C.L.I.F. 4 (Chinese: 警徽天职4, short-form for Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, commonly pronounced as cliff) is a Singaporean police procedural series produced and telecast on MediaCorp Channel 8 in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force. The series stars Li Nanxing, Rui En, Zhang Yaodong, Elvin Ng and Ya Hui as the main characters of the series. The series is co-sponsored by Sheng Siong Supermarkets and Soon Bee Huat. This is also the first C.L.I.F. series to feature a VSC police officer.


C.L.I.F. 4 picks up where the previous season leaves off with the CID team launching a crackdown on the criminal gang that Yang Zhongzheng (Terence Cao) belongs to. There is a new bad guy in town, collaborations with the Taiwanese Interpol, and more exciting and complicated cases to crack in this series as the police officers fight crime and evil to uphold law and justice.

Teo Kwee Xiang (Elvin Ng), who played a traffic police officer last season, will return to his NPC Community Policing Unit (CPU) as Senior Staff Sergeant and will take his relationship with Eng Xuan Bee (Sora Ma) one step further as marriage is on the cards for the couple.

The other anchor couple, Wee Lum Thiam (Li Nanxing) and Ng Tze Keat (Rui En) will welcome a new member to their family, Matthew Wee, but that doesn't mean Tze Keat will sit out of all the crime-busting action as the pair will continue to head their respective teams in the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

New characters include Chan Yu (Zhang Yaodong), Ong Shi Shi (Ya Hui), Tsai Yen Chi (Mei Xin), Zhou Jingze (Yusuke Fukuchi) and Teo Hark Wee (Chen Tianwen). Out of the 5 new characters, 4 of them are among the 8 main characters of this series.

Chan Yu, a spot-on police officer, is stuck in a love triangle between Ong Shi Shi and Tsai Yen Chi, who are both police officers (Yenqi joined later). Yenqi was once his ex-girlfriend who still had feelings for him. At the same time, Chan Yu isn't on good terms with his superior officer, Ng Tze Keat.

This season will be filled with mind-boggling mysteries, thrilling action scenes and an exciting storyline. The audience will be able to understand how various police units work together to take down crimes, and also how the characters overcome their love, friendship and family problems through their determination.


Main cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes Appeared
Li Nanxing
Wee Lum Thiam
ASP Wee Lum Thiam
Younger version portrayed by Edwin Goh
  • CID (SCD) officer, later transfer to CAD, then back to CID
  • Ng Tze Keat's husband
  • Matthew Wee's father
  • Often quarrels with Ng Tze Keat
  • Transferred to Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) in Episode 2
  • Beaten up by Teo Hark Wee's men in Episode 11
  • House broken into in Episode 11
  • Hit by a car with Zhou Jingze in Episode 20
  • Knocked out unconscious by Teo Hark Wee by pushing him to a wall in Episode 20
  • Sabotaged by Chan Yu to have murdered Teo Hark Wee in Episode 20
1-14, 16-20
Rui En
Ng Tze Keat
INSP Ng Tze Keat
  • OC Team C at Special Investigation Section, CID
  • Wee Lum Thiam's wife
  • Matthew Wee's Mother
  • Prejudice against Chan Yu's impulsive personality
  • Often quarrel with Wee Lum Thiam
  • Was peeped at by a woman-in-disguise inside the toilet cubicle in Episode 1
  • House broken into in Episode 11
  • Indirectly caused the death of Hu Xianghai in Episode 13
  • Diverted to the Home Team Academy as Instructor
1-3, 5-9, 11-20
Zhang Yaodong
Chan Yu

Main Antagonist
INSP Chan Yu

  • Team Leader at Airport Police Division
  • Later transfer to Special Investigation Section, CID as an IO
  • Ng Tze Keat's subordinate
  • Tsai Yen Chi's ex-boyfriend
  • In love with Ong Shishi
  • Teo Xiufeng's son
  • Teo Hark Wee's nephew
  • Nabbed a voyeur at the Airport in Episode 1
  • Transferred to CID in Episode 2
  • Reprimanded by Ng Tze Keat for acting on his own in Episode 3
  • Accidentally pushed Hu Shijian down the sea and killed Zhou Guorong in impulse 5 years ago
  • Resigned as a police officer in Episode 15 to help Hark Wee in laundering money while helping Lum Thiam to investigate on Xuewei
  • Purposely kissed Tsai Yen Chi in front of Ong Shishi
  • Broke up with Ong Shishi in Episode 19
  • Killed Teo Hark Ww and Ruoting in Episode 20, later sabotaged Wee Lum Thiam for murdering Teo Hark Wee
  • Saved Ong Shishi in Episode 20
  • Committed Suicide-by-cop by getting shot by Tze Keat and her team in Episode 20
Elvin Ng
Teo Kwee Xiang
SSSGT Teo Kwee Xiang
  • NPC Community Policing Unit (CPU) Officer from J Division
  • Eng Xuan Bee's boyfriend, later husband
  • Ong Shishi's colleague
  • Liang Dexun's friend and benefactor
  • Accused by Eng Xuan Bee of visiting a prostitute in Episode 2
  • Quarreled with Eng Xuan Bee in Episode 3
  • Followed Amy to where she and Ah Song had abducted Eng Xuan Bee and managed to save Eng Xuan Bee
  • Proposed to Eng Xuan Bee in Episode 10 and 20 respectively
1-4, 6-7, 9-11, 13, 15-20
Ya Hui
Ong Shishi
SGT Ong Shi Shi
  • IO in J Division
  • Teo Kwee Xiang's colleague
  • Tsai Yen Chi's best friend
  • Chan Yu's love interest
  • Moved in with Tsai Yen Chi as a tenant
  • Broke up with Chan Yu when she saw him and Tsai Yen Chi kissing in the car in Episode 19
  • Abducted by Ruoting and saved by Chan Yu in Episode 20
1, 3-6, 8-17, 19-20
Sora Ma
Eng Xuan Bee
Jelly, Eng Suan Bee
  • Teo Kwee Xiang's girlfriend, later wife
  • Works in a salon
  • Accused Teo Kwee Xiang of finding a prostitute in Episode 2
  • Decided to quit her night job as a singer in Episode 3
  • Agreed to Teo Kwee Xiang's marriage in Episode 10, later reject due to her illness in later part
  • Was brutally assaulted by Zen and led to stroke on the right face in Episode 15
  • Diagnosed with epilepsy in Episode 18
  • Abducted by Amy and Ah Song, later head stabbed by a wall nail in Episode 19
  • Finally married Teo Kwee Xiang in Episode 20
1-7, 10-11, 13, 15-20
Mei Xin
Tsai Yen Chi
SGT(V) Tsai Yen Chi
  • Reporter
  • Ong Shi Shi's best friend
  • Chan Yu's ex-girlfriend
  • Zhou Jingze's love interest
  • Became a Volunteer Special Constabulary Police Officer in episode 12
  • Became a regular police officer (officer cadet) in episode 20
3-5, 7-9, 12, 14-15, 17, 19-20
Yusuke Fukuchi
Zhou Jingze
  • Taiwanese Interpol officer
  • In love with Tsai Yen Chi
  • Found out about his father's death in Episode 9
  • Hit by another car with Wee Lum Thiam in Episode 20, suffered minor injuries
3-5, 7, 9, 14-17, 19-20

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes Appeared
Chen Tianwen
Teo Hark Wee

Main Villain
Teo Hark Wee

  • Art Gallery Boss
  • Teo Xiufeng's younger brother
  • Chan Yu's uncle
  • Yang Zhongzheng's boss
  • Shot to death by Chan Yu
1-4, 6-20
Bonnie Loo
Yang Hongxi
  • Student
  • Yang Zhongzheng's daughter
  • Staying with Wee Lum Thiam & Ng Tze Keat
  • Stabbed in Episode 10 but survived
  • Knocked down by a van while being chased by Teo Hark Wee's men
2, 4-6, 8-11, 16-18
Terence Cao
Yang Zhongzheng
Main Villain From C.L.I.F. 3 (repented)
Younger Version Portrayed by Fraser Tiong
  • Yang Hongxi's father
  • Eng Xuan Bee's ex-boyfriend
  • Jailed 15 months ago for murder and sentenced to death for his crimes in C.L.I.F. 3
  • Wee Lum Thiam's best friend
  • Died after having Stage 4 pancreatic cancer
1, 2, 6, 8, 10-11
Liu Kai Xin
Teo Xiufeng
  • Chan Yu's mother
  • Teo Hark Wee's elder sister
  • Eng Xuan Bee's boss
1-4, 6-13, 15-17, 19-20
Renfred Ng
Evan Poh
  • NPC Community Policing Unit (CPU) Officer
  • Teo Kwee Xiang's good friend and partner
1, 3, 6, 9, 10, 11, 14-15, 18-20
Zong Zijie
Liang Dexun
  • Liang Zhixiong's Son
  • Teo Kwee Xiang's friend
  • Staying with Teo Kwee Xiang
  • Mixed with Gangsters after his Father went to Prison
  • Repented after being given a warning
  • Going to be enlisted for National Service as mentioned by Teo Kwee Xiang in Episode 13
3-7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17
Sunny Pang
Liang Zhixiong
  • Liang Dexun's Father
  • Arrested in Episode 7 for the gruesome murders of 2 pub ladies and attempted murder of Xuan Bee
Xavier Ong
  • Skateboard molester
  • Molested and then assaulted Xuan Bee using skateboard and caused her to be half-paralyzed in Episode 15
Grace Teo
Fang Ruoting
Supporting Villain
  • Teo Hark Wee's assistant
  • Injured in Episode 16
  • Shot in the leg by Tze Keat in Episode 16
  • Kidnapped Shishi in Episode 20
  • Shot by Chan Yu while attacking him
8-17, 20


The series was first announced to be under planning in 2016.[1] Prior to the announcement, Elvin Ng mentioned that he will return for the fourth installment after he is done with the filming of If Only I Could,[2] and Li Nanxing also mentioned that he will return for the series. In the House of Fortune press conference in January 2016, it was also announced that Ya Hui will be playing a cop in the series.[3] On 23 February 2016, Li and Ng, together with the latest additions Zhang Yaodong, Ya Hui and Mei Xin attended a weapon training session at the Home Team Academy to prepare for the series; Rui En was absent as she was unwell.[4][5][6][7][8][9] Imaging sessions were done in March, where Ng revealed a collaboration with Rui En in a L'Oréal commercial.[10][11]

Bonnie Loo, who plays Yang Zhongzheng's daughter Hongxi, and ex-infotainment host Liu Kaixin hosted the lensing ceremony, held on 24 March 2016.[12][13][14][15][16] Some of the cast members revealed that they diligently went to great lengths to prepare themselves for their roles by picking up a sport, or resuming their exercise regimes. They also talked about their brush with the law. It was also revealed that Yang Zhongzheng (Terence Cao) will die in the series and his funeral is filmed at Mount Vernon on 29 April.[17][18]

A press conference was held at the Ministry of Home Affairs, New Phoenix Park on 23 August 2016. Li Nanxing, Elvin Ng, Sora Ma, Zhang Yaodong, Ya Hui, Mei Xin, Chen Tianwen, Yusuke Fukuchi and Bonnie Loo attended the conference.[19][20][21][22][23] Notably absent was Rui En, who is in New Zealand to spend time with her father. A meet-and-greet session was held on 3 September at One KM Mall. Elvin Ng, Ya Hui, Sora Ma, Mei Xin, Chen Tianwen, Terence Cao and Bonnie Loo were present at the event. The first 150 audience to form the queue for the event got to receive an autographed poster and a goodie bag each.


On 12 April 2016, Rui En was reportedly involved in a Clementi car park accident, and this made waves all over the Internet the next day. Responding in an official statement on 14 April 2016 through her manager from Hype Records, she clarified the context of the conversation, and made an apology. Responding to media queries, executive producer Chong Liung Man said that they have no intention of replacing her or her character in the drama. Rui En showed up for work as usual on that day, but he gave her a day off as he was worried that she might not be in the most ideal state for shooting.[24][25]

Potential sequel[edit]

Chong Liung Man shared that doing a sequel was "something the team strived towards to during C.L.I.F. 3". In a separate interview, he said, "When I was filming part 3, I told them the mission is to have a part 4. Now that it has succeeded, we’d have to wait for a few more years before knowing if part 5 will happen." He added that the drama's aim is to develop the characters and their back stories to make them more relatable and touching. Chong also expressed interest in doing a Singapore Army drama, if given the opportunity to shoot a similar drama about a different uniform group in Singapore, adding that "it has been a long time since we last did a proper drama about the army in MediaCorp."[10][11]


No. in series No. in season Title Original air date
661"Episode 1"September 6, 2016 (2016-09-06)
PG Some Violence
In an attempt to convince him to reveal the identity of the syndicate boss, Wei Lantian (Li Nanxing) visits Yang Zhongzheng (Terence Cao) in the prison. Zhongzheng refuses. He is mindful that the syndicate boss has threatened him with the life of his daughter, Yang Hongxi (Bonnie Loo). Huang Zhijie (Rui En), with her baby son, Jianbo, sends her parents off at the airport. Afterwards, she encounters a molester and catches him with the help of an airport policeman, Chen Yu (Zhang Yaodong). The airport police receive a tip that a wanted criminal is planning to escape the country. Chen Yu notices Zhijie and her son waiting for a taxi. Her car has broken down, and he offers them a ride. The wanted criminal is intercepted by the airport police. He takes an art gallery boss, Zhao Xuewei (Chen Tianwen), hostage and escapes in his car. Chen Yu gives chase, and the fugitive is eventually arrested. It turns out that Xuewei is Chen Yu’s uncle. Xuewei wants to move his business to Singapore and invites Chen Yu to assist him. Chen Yu declines, and claims he has been accepted by the CID. Zhang Guixiang (Elvin Ng) joins the Community Policing Unit with Evan (Renfred Ng), and they patrol the neighbourhood on bicycles. There have been various reports of handphone thefts, and Guixiang is on the lookout for the thief. Chen Yu’s mother, Zhao Xiufeng (Liu Kai Xin), is the owner of a salon. The salon employee, Weng Xuanmei (Sora Ma), tells Guixiang she wants to be a part-time singer at a nightclub. Guixiang objects and they get into a quarrel. Wang Shishi (Ya Hui), an investigator, tells Guixiang someone is touting handphones on the streets, and believes this is the person Guixiang is looking for. Li Shimei and Cai Cheng are having a lovers’ tiff near the coffee shop. Guixiang tries to mediate. Guixiang relents and allows Xuanmei to take up the part-time singing job. The handphone thief is caught. All the stolen handphones are returned to their owners except one, whose owner cannot be located. The handphone contains photos of Shimei. Guixiang picks Xuanmei up from the nightclub. He cannot tolerate the patrons behaving inappropriately towards her and drags her away. They argue heatedly. Foreign women on social visit passes are flaunting sex for sale in HDB estates. The police identify the head of the syndicate to be He Ming. Lantian and his team storm into Shimei’s flat and find her dead. Lantian is attacked by He Ming, and both fall from the height of the flat...
672"Episode 2"September 7, 2016 (2016-09-07)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Lantian manages to grab onto the bamboo pole holders. He Ming falls to the ground and is injured. He is sent to the hospital. At the police station, everyone is talking about the newcomer, who is nicknamed Hitman. He turns out to be Chen Yu. Chen Yu arrives at the scene of Shimei’s murder. From the weapon used, he deduces that He Ming is not the culprit. Lantian is impressed. Zhongzheng’s daughter, Hongxi, is staying with Lantian, and becomes part of the family. The HDB prostitutes case will be Lantian’s last at SCD. He is soon to be transferred to the Commercial Affairs Department. Zhijie returns to work after her maternity leave. Her new team mate is Chen Yu. While investigating Shimei’s death on his own, Chen Yu finds Cai Cheng highly suspicious. Zhijie is not pleased that Chen Yu thinks nothing of going it alone, in an attempt to outshine the rest. Cai Cheng’s statements are filled with loopholes, and Chen Yu detains him. He and Haoping interrogate Cai Cheng again, and Cai Cheng finally admits he and Shimei were lovers. However, he denies killing her. Chen Yu believes all the evidence points to Cai Cheng as the killer and suggests pressing charges against him. Zhijie begs to differ, and wants Chen Yu to investigate further. He obliges but is not convinced. Lantian investigates the WeChat sex scams and money laundering cases. A model, Fiona, is found to be connected to the cases. However, she has no knowledge that her photos were used for the scams. At the art school, Hongxi is shunned by her classmates after they learn her father is a murder convict. Xuewei is giving a lecture at the art school. He finds the downcast Hongxi and gives her a postcard with words of encouragement. Hongxi visits Zhongzheng in prison and shows him the postcard. He is shocked Xuewei is targeting Hongxi.
683"Episode 3"September 8, 2016 (2016-09-08)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Zhijie senses something fishy about Shimei’s case. She goes to the pub with Guixiang to investigate. The news reporter, Yanqi (Mei Xin), brings a cameraman and a soundman to film an auntie selling tissue illegally. There is a near scuffle, and Shishi helps them out. Shishi knows Yanqi, whom, it turns out, used to be Chen Yu’s girlfriend. Shishi thinks badly of Chen Yu, who often speaks frivolously. In turn, he cannot stand her "auntie" streak. Yanqi is still in love with Chen Yu. Zhijie confirms that Shimei had pretended to be drunk, to get Guixiang to be her witness, so that the police will suspect Cai Cheng. Further investigation brings up evidence that Shimei had killed herself and made Cai Cheng the scapegoat. Chen Yu is unwilling to acknowledge that Zhijie has solved the case. Guixiang and Evan are out on patrol when they come across Liang Dexun’s drunk father abusing him. Guixiang warns Dexun’s father that he will be arrested if he repeats the offence. Xuanmei heeds Shishi’s advice and quits the job at the nightclub. The boss claims her regular customer Ah Kun is looking for her. When she goes to meet Ah Kun, she encounters Don Tan. Guixiang is incensed when he sees Xuanmei looking at a necklace given by her ex-boyfriend, Zhongzheng. They get into a heated argument and Xuanmei moves out in a huff. Chen Yu grumbles to Xuewei that he has been outperformed by a woman. He declares he will not give up and will make his superior notice him. Lantian's Taiwanese friend, Zhou Jingze (Yusuke Fukuchi), a police officer, approaches him for help to investigate a series of Internet scams. Jingze links the cases in Taiwan with those in Singapore and speculates that the syndicate could be based in Singapore. Xuewei’s art gallery opens. Chen Yu and Xiufeng arrive to congratulate him. He introduces them to the gallery manager, Fang Ruoting. Don turns up as well. He tells Xuewei the police are checking on him. Xuewei reprimands him for being incompetent. Ruoting informs Xuewei that Taiwan and Singapore have joined forces to investigate the Internet scams and the officer in charge is Lantian. Xuewei's hatred for Lantian deepens.
694"Episode 4"September 9, 2016 (2016-09-09)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Guixiang buys Dexun a warship model to replace the one damaged by Dexun’s father. He learns that Dexun’s mother went missing after quarrelling with her husband. Dexun’s father has been an alcoholic since then. Dexun receives a call saying his father has been hospitalised. Guixiang accompanies him to the hospital. The doctor reveals that Dexun’s father has AIDS. Dexun’s father blames his wife for spreading the disease to him. Posing as tourists, Jingze takes Mike and his team to the hotel to check up on Fiona. Yanqi happens to be stalking the tissue auntie, whom she is sure is controlled by a syndicate. Yanqi is caught by a thug, and Jingze gets her out of the situation. Shishi wants to mediate between Guixiang and Xuanmei. She goes to the salon to look for Xuanmei, and chances upon Chen Yu, whom she realises is Xiufeng’s son. Hongxi’s Internet friend Will uses a nude photo of her to blackmail her. She lies to Lantian that she needs $1,000 to buy a laptop, but hands the money to Will instead. She takes his handphone when he steps away and finds photos of other girls in the nude. She barely has time to delete the photos of herself. Xuanmei texts Guixiang, asking to meet at the park. At the same time, Guixiang learns Dexun’s father wants to commit suicide and rushes over. He misses Xuanmei’s text. Lantian finds out Don could be involved in the fraud cases and that Xuewei knows him. Xuewei alerts Don that the police are on his trail. Posing as a photographer, Jingze makes arrangements for a photo shoot with Fiona at a hotel. His aim is to find out about Don. Fiona becomes wary and makes excuses to leave. When Jingze leaves the hotel, he stumbles upon Fiona’s corpse with her eyes dug out...
705"Episode 5"September 12, 2016 (2016-09-12)
PG Some Sexual References
Chen Yu speculates that the murderer’s motive for killing Fiona was revenge and that they are likely to have known each other. Zhijie concurs. Lantian notes that the time Don went missing is close to that of Fiona’s death. An SD card, which contains a photo of a warship model, is found at the crime scene. Chen Yu is told to investigate. Zhijie shows her team the photo of Don, whom they suspect is the killer. Chen Yu recognises him as Xuewei’s friend. Hongxi did not attend school. Questioned by Zhijie and Lantian, she confesses that she is being shunned by her classmates and blackmailed by Will. She files a police report and reveals to Shishi that Will has the nude photos of two other girls. An arrest warrant is issued for Don. Xuanmei remembers him as Ah Kun’s friend. Lantian and Jingze and their team storm Ah Kun’s house, uncover Don’s trail, and arrest him and Ah Kun. Don declares he is the only person behind the scams in both Taiwan and Singapore. He denies killing Fiona. Both Lantian and Zhijie think he is keeping something from them. Shishi finds the other female victim blackmailed by Will. She reveals Will has an inflamed finger. Shishi is looking for another place to move into. She is elated when Yanqi invites her to stay at her place. Yanqi is now a volunteer police officer. Chen Yu tells Shishi an inflamed finger could be the occupational hazard of people working in restaurants, salons, or car wash outlets. The police locate the salon where Will works. He flees when he notices the policemen arriving. Will demands money from Hongxi. They go to the ATM, and she tries to send a help message secretly. He catches her doing so.
716"Episode 6"September 13, 2016 (2016-09-13)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Xuewei happens to pass by and Will flees. Lantian arrives in time to arrest Will. Zhongzheng learns from Lantian that Xuewei is a visiting lecturer at Hongxi’s school. He is worried Xuewei could be trying to get close to Hongxi. Zhongzheng experiences severe stomach cramps. He is subsequently found to have a tumour in his pancreas. Guixiang takes Chen Yu and Eric to see Dexun, who verifies that the SD card is his. However, he does not know how he lost it. He claims he was not feeling well at the time Fiona was killed and was resting at home. His father attests to it. Later on, Guixiang takes Dexun and his father to the coffee shop. When Dexun sees a flirty beer promoter, he shows signs of anger. Zhijie finds an LTA letter for a traffic fine at Ah Kun’s house. Don had driven Ah Kun’s car to Gardens by the Bay on the day of the crime. She wonders why Don denied going there; admitting to it would have cleared him of being a murder suspect. Another murder takes place. The victim is a coffee-shop beer promoter, Liu Qiuqin. Her eyes were also dug out. Zhijie wants Chen Yu to find out where Don was at the time of the crime. Chen Yu shows his displeasure. He thinks she is deliberately placing him on a sidetrack to deter him from solving the crime before she does. Xuanmei has sold the necklace from Zhongzheng and used the money to settle Amy’s debts. Guixiang realises he has done her wrong. Guixiang flies into a rage when he sees Xuanmei flirting and drinking with a regular customer. Recognising her as Guixiang’s girlfriend, Dexun is outraged as well. Acting on his own, Chen Yu uncovers an important lead. Zhijie reprimands him for not following instructions and orders him off the case. She brings Dexun back to the station to work in his place. On Xuanmei’s way home after work, someone tightens a rope around her neck.
727"Episode 7"September 14, 2016 (2016-09-14)
PG Some Violence
Further investigations point to Dexun’s father as the murderer. Guixiang reasons that Dexun’s father has hated women since being ditched by his wife and diagnosed with AIDS. Zhijie speculates he will commit another crime to clear his son of suspicion. Guixiang remembers Dexun’s father was irked about Xuanmei’s behaviour at the nightclub. He quickly goes in search of her, and arrives in time to stop Dexun’s father from harming her. Dexun’s father is arrested. He admits to killing the beer promoter. Dexun is guilt-stricken for neglecting his father. Guixiang reconciles with Xuanmei and she moves back into his house. The case solved, Zhijie celebrates with her team. Chen Yu remains gloomy as he did not get to arrest the murderer. Zhijie stresses the importance of team work and praises him for his keen observations and contribution of important leads. Matthew is diagnosed with a heart murmur and hospitalised. Lantian and Zhijie are anxious. Don did indeed go to Gardens by the Bay in Ah Kun’s car on the day Fiona was killed. The CCTV shows him holding an envelope when he left the place. The police found an envelope of $100,000 when he was arrested. Someone must have given him the money. Don is suspected of laundering money via his various businesses. However, there is insufficient evidence against him. One of the partners of his pub is Zhongzheng. Lantian postulates that there is a link to Zhongzheng’s behind-the-scene syndicate boss. Chen Yu finds out Xuewei was at Gardens by the Bay on the day of the crime. He also stumbles upon Xuewei’s withdrawal slip of $100,000. He suspects Xuewei is the man who gave Don the money.
738"Episode 8"September 15, 2016 (2016-09-15)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Chen Yu stops outside Lantian’s office. He recalls Xuewei’s care and kindness and decides to trust him. Matthew is found to have a type of congenital heart disease called Tetralogy of Fallot and needs surgery. Zhijie and Lantian are devastated. Xuewei’s art gallery needs an intern and he approaches Hongxi, who accepts the position. She is discouraged that Matthew is ill. Xuewei offers to recommend a good doctor. Some new paintings arrive at the art gallery. Chen Yu realises the $100,000 was used to buy the paintings and he has wronged his uncle. It turns out that Xuewei had planned it all to test Chen Yu’s loyalty. Shishi moves into Yanqi’s house. She and Chen Yu start bickering. Accompanied by their son, Shishi’s brother, Siren, and wife, Jiayi, attend the Mid-Autumn festival celebration at the residents’ committee centre. Siren is uneasy when they bump into Yuzhu, whom he had dated previously. Jiayi does not know about their shared past. Lifen, who is at loggerheads with Xiufeng, informs her that the magician is unable to show up. Xiufeng is peeved. Chen Yu volunteers to go on stage, and with Shishi’s help, they pull off a perfect performance. Xiufeng wants to matchmake them. Lifen gives Xiufeng a bowl of dessert to express her apologies. After drinking it, Xiufeng throws up blood and passes out. Rat poison is found in Jiayi’s possession and she is detained. In Shishi’s opinion, Jiayi has been framed. She is not allowed to investigate the case as it involves her family members. Lantian and Zhijie take their son to see the doctor Xuewei has recommended. The doctor is confident about the operation and the couple is relieved. A skeleton is found in the forest. Zhijie heads over to check. However, she is preoccupied by her son’s illness and almost misses an important clue. Chen Yu finds a wedding ring by the bushes. Don and Zhongzheng refuse to divulge the identity of the syndicate boss. Zhongzheng reveals to Lantian that he is suffering from end-stage pancreatic cancer. He asks Lantian not to tell Hongxi. Matthew's condition worsens. Lantian and Zhijie wait helplessly outside the operating theatre...
749"Episode 9"September 16, 2016 (2016-09-16)
PG Some Violence
To his parents’ relief, Matthew's operation is a success. Zhijie contemplates taking long leave to take care of him but Lantian advises her against it. At the jewellery shop, Zhijie and her team obtain the contact number of the customer who had bought the wedding ring. Yanqi visits Xiufeng at the hospital. Xiufeng still bears a grudge against Yanqi for calling off the wedding years ago. There is a box of essence of chicken on the table and Xiufeng does not know who sent it. Jingze tries to locate his father, Zhou Guorong, but to no avail. He tells Yanqi his mother is Japanese. His parents had frequent arguments and his father emigrated to Singapore 20 years ago. Yanqi takes Jingze to see Tao-jie. Jingze describes his father’s features to her. Tao-jie thinks he could be Liu Juan’s husband and gives them Liu Juan’s address. However, Liu Juan has moved away. Dexun is depressed and his house is in a mess. While tidying up, Guixiang finds a letter from the HDB. Dexun’s flat will be seized because he has defaulted on his loan. He ignores Guixiang’s offer of help. Guixiang worries about Dexun hanging out with gangsters. Jiayi is out on bail. Investigations show that the rat poison found in Lifen’s possession does not match the poison in Xiufeng’s food. Lantian waits for Hongxi at the art gallery. He talks to Xuewei and discovers the paintings he had imported and the ones in Don and Zhongzheng’s pub are from the same series. He becomes suspicious about the trio’s relationship. Lantian tells Jingze his thoughts. They decide to investigate Xuewei in secret. Yanqi finds Liu Juan and learns Guorong has been missing five years. At this moment, Zhijie shows up and tells Liu Juan the skeleton they found might be Guorong. The DNA tests show the skeletion is Guorong’s. Chen Yu is shocked to see the photo of Guorong and is uneasy throughout the meeting. That night, Chen Yu has a startling dream about Guorong.
7510"Episode 10"September 19, 2016 (2016-09-19)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
It turns out that Yuzhu’s house has been infested by rats. She is asked to assist in the police investigations. She finally admits she poisoned Xiufeng. Shishi and Chen Yu feel awkward when Xiufeng try to matchmake them. Xiufeng makes Chen Yu take Shishi back to her brother’s place. They encounter an unexpected incident on the way, and their feelings for each other begin to develop. Guixiang proposes to Xuanmei, who accepts happily. The body of Dexun’s friend, Tosh, is found. Preliminary investigations show he had committed suicide by jumping off a building. Xuewei finds out Lantian has sent someone to check on him in Australia. He also finds out Zhongzheng has an anonymous safe deposit box in Taiwan containing important documents pertaining to the syndicate. Feeling threatened, he decides to take action. Hongxi is robbed and injured while taking a shortcut through a deserted lane. Knowing Ruoting had asked her to take that shortcut, Lantian suspects Xuewei is up to something. A prison mate shows Zhongzheng the newspaper cutting on the Hongxi robbery. He hints Zhongzheng should hand over the safe deposit box key and password. Zhongzheng demands to see Xuewei. Xuewei visits Zhongzheng at the prison. Zhongzheng agrees to his demands, on condition he will not harm Hongxi. He also promises to never reveal anything about the syndicate as long as he lives. When Zhongzheng is about to disclose the password and the location of the safe deposit box key, he experiences a sudden excruciating pain...
7611"Episode 11"September 20, 2016 (2016-09-20)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Zhongzheng passes away. Lantian goes through his belongings and finds postcards written by Xuewei to Hongxi. Realising Zhongzheng could have been threatened by Xuewei, he is enraged. He suspects Xuewei is the syndicate’s behind-the-scene boss and vows to bring him to justice. Zhijie investigates Guorong’s death. Guorong and his business partner, Chen Chang, were cheated of a huge sum of money by Hu Shijian 21 years ago. Unable to take the blow, Chen Chang committed suicide. Chen Yu knew he would not be able to lie, and exclaimed in shock that Chen Chang was his father. Zhijie asks Chen Yu what had happened back then. Chen Yu replies that he was too young to comprehend the situation. He feels uneasy and worries the matter will get out of hand. Zhijie learns from Xiufeng that Xuewei was Chen Chang’s personal assistant. She also finds Chen Chang’s laptop and memory card in Liu Juan’s house and takes them back to the police station. Guixiang catches a thief red-handed at Lantian’s house. The thief had stolen all the keys, in an attempt to find a safe deposit box key. Tosh is found to have been addicted to online games and had fantasized he was the protagonist. Guixiang suspects he is connected to a case of vandalism and questions Dexun and his friends. The truth unfolds: Dexun and his friends were vandalising HDB walls on the night of Tosh’s suicide. Dexun was sent to buy alcohol. Apparently, Tosh was so drunk that he thought he had regeneration abilities, so he leaped off the rooftop. Guixiang finds out Dexun has been forced to move out of his flat. He takes him home to stay temporarily. Xuanmei’s displeasure is clear, but she relents at Guixiang’s reason for taking Dexun in. Lantian tails Xuewei to his own home and sees him taking Hongxi away. They arrive at a deserted house. Someone covers Lantian in a gunny sack and beats him up severely. Lantian calls Hongxi, who was at home all this time. He realises Xuewei knew he was being followed and had sent someone to teach Lantian a lesson.
7712"Episode 12"September 21, 2016 (2016-09-21)
PG Some Violence
Zhijie tends to Lantian’s wounds and counsels him not to act rashly. He insists on arresting Xuewei personally. Zhijie is concerned that Xuewei might use Hongxi’s safety to threaten him. Agreeing, Lantian tells Hongxi not to work at the art gallery. Lantian asks Chen Yu to keep watch on Xuewei. Chen Yu refuses to believe his uncle is a criminal. After Lantian lists his suspicions, Chen Yu’s conviction wavers. Chen Yu rummages through Xuewei’s study when he is not at home. When he returns, Chen Yu pretends to be sleeping in the study. He overhears Xuewei giving instructions to Ruoting and is shocked to realise Xuewei could be laundering money. Chen Yu is not allowed to investigate the death of Guorong, on account of his relationship with Chen Chang. Shijian is found to have colluded with Guorong to cheat Chen Chang of his money. He escaped to Thailand, changed his name, and became a millionaire. Guorong did not get his share of money. Chen Chang went bankrupt and killed himself. Chen Yu recalls confronting Shijian five years ago. Shijian had insisted Guorong was the one to blame. They tussled, and Shijian fell into the sea while Guorong was accidentally killed by Chen Yu. Xuewei promises to help Chen Yu cover up his crime. An eye-witness turns up at the police station. He looks through the photos and identifies Shijian as the person who killed Guorong. Siren is found to be laundering money through his restaurant. He is required to assist the police in investigations. He claims his business was bad and he was in debt. The loansharks took advantage of his situation and used him to do their bidding. Shishi is brooding over the Siren issue. Chen Yu cheers her up and they grow closer. Yanqi sees them returning home together and feels uncomfortable. Chen Yu is shocked to learn the police have found Shijian.
7813"Episode 13"September 22, 2016 (2016-09-22)
PG Some Violence
Shijian has been hiding in Malaysia for the past five years. He was recently arrested for committing a crime. Chen Yu decides to turn himself in. Xuewei stops him, explains the serious consequences for doing so, and assures Chen Yu he will settle the matter. Zhijie and her team pick Shijian up at the immigration checkpoint. Xuewei sends Pong to follow them. Zhijie is preoccupied with her son’s illness and does not find Pong suspicious. Pong fires gunshots at Shijian, who is seriously wounded and goes into a coma. To add to her troubles, Zhijie is guilt-stricken by her professional negligence. Mentally and emotionally drained, she becomes upset that Lantian is more concerned about work than their son. Their relationship sours. Chen Yu asks Xuewei if he had sent someone to kill Shijian. Xuewei does not deny this. Admitting he is Don’s behind-the-scene boss, he tries to coax Chen Yu to help him run his business. He explains he had no other way to survive and had to take care of Chen Yu and his mother after Chen Chang died. Chen Yu is torn. Guixiang and Xuanmei go to a bridal boutique to select a wedding package. Xuanmei wants a grand wedding while Guixiang prefers a simple one. Chen Yu visits Shijian, who is in the intensive care unit. Unexpectedly, Shjiian awakes and recognises Chen Yu. His breathing quickens but the doctor is unable to revive him. Zhijie receives a warning for negligence resulting in the death of a suspect. Struggling to cope with both family and career issues, she contemplates quitting. Lantian talks her out of it, knowing she loves her job. Xuewei taunts Lantian and warns him to halt his investigations.
7914"Episode 14"September 23, 2016 (2016-09-23)
PG Some Violence
Xuewei orders Ruoting to find out how their money laundering activities were leaked. He is displeased Pong is still stranded in Singapore and instructs her to make arrangements for him to flee. Lantian tells Zhijie that Xuewei had provoked him. Fortunately, he was able to hold himself back and refrain from hitting Xuewei. Otherwise, he would have been suspended from his duties. Zhijie and her team identify Pong as Shijian’s killer. They suspect his death could be connected to Guorong’s case. Chen Yu informs Xuewei that the police have identified the killer, and blames him for getting the situation out of hand. He rejects Xuewei’s invitation to join his syndicate. Xuewei hints he will not spare anyone who jeopardises his safety. Lantian asks Chen Yu to continue to help him monitor Xuewei. Chen Yu refuses at first, but when he remembers Xuewei’s threat, he makes a decision. While out on a mission with Shishi, Yanqi can’t help recalling how she was almost married to Chen Yu three years ago. Her distractedness leads to an injury for Shishi. At the hospital, Yanqi is uncomfortable when Chen Yu tells the nurse that he is Shishi’s boyfriend. Shishi accepts Chen Yu’s confession of love. Yanqi meets with Jingze when he comes to Singapore. They have a drink, and she reveals her past relationship with Chen Yu. Shishi comes across Chen Yu and Yanqi’s wedding invitation card by chance. She realises Yanqi still has feelings for him. An armed robbery occurs at a private clinic and Pong is the suspected robber. Zhijie and her team comb the area. Chen Yu is ordered not to take part in the search. Zhijie encounters a girl who is lost. She takes the girl to look for her teacher. They come to the school bus; Chen Yu is beside it. At this moment, the police chase Pong to the school bus. Thinking Chen Yu is the driver, Pong forces him onto the bus and takes the girl as his hostage...
8015"Episode 15"September 26, 2016 (2016-09-26)
PG Some Violence
Pong takes the girl hostage. Chen Yu and Zhijie work together to subdue him. On the spur of the moment, Chen Yu shoots and kills him. Zhijie laments that they have lost an important lead, now that Pong is dead. Chen Yu heaves a sigh of relief secretly. Xuewei praises Chen Yu for a clean job and declares he is worthy to be his successor. Chen Yu reproaches himself for sacrificing three lives and regrets not turning himself in earlier. Xuewei reiterates that there is no turning back. Chen Yu tenders his resignation. Zhijie tries to retain him but his mind is made up. Zhijie deduces that Pong had communicated with his instigator via an online pet forum. Shishi is shocked to learn about Chen Yu’s resignation. He indicates that he is going to help Xuewei run his business. Shishi discovers Jingze likes Yanqi and decides to play matchmaker. Xuanmei and Guixiang argue over the wedding preparations. She takes off her wedding ring and throws it at him. At a park, Xuanmei is attacked by the skateboard molester. She tries to resist and is severely beaten up. Her injuries lead to a brain haemorrhage, which eventually leaves her half-paralysed. Guixiang rushes to the hospital. It pains him to see Xuanmei’s condition and begs for her forgiveness. She refuses to forgive him. Ruoting shows Chen Yu how the syndicate’s illegal operations are run. By chance, Chen Yu comes across a shady aspect of Xuewei and his father’s relationship. He blackmails Xuewei to test his reaction. It turns out that the person behind his father’s death is someone close to him.
8116"Episode 16"September 27, 2016 (2016-09-27)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Xuewei is infuriated at being stood up by the blackmailer. He instructs Ruoting to find out his identity. Chen Yu tips Lantian off on Xuewei’s money laundering methods. An online company lures unsuspecting retirees and housewives to launder money for it. Investigators hit a snag when they are unable to identify the source of the funds, which seems to be foreign accounts. Shishi suspects the skateboard molester could be a beekeeper. It turns out that the beekeeper’s son, Zen, is the prime suspect. Knowing he can no longer hide, Zen flees. Guixiang almost meets with a mishap while going after Zen. Shishi saves him and Zen is arrested. Touched that Guixiang disregarded his own safety to chase down the suspect, Xuanmei reconciles with him. Zhongzheng is found to possess an anonymous safe deposit box in Taiwan. However, Jingze does not have the key and passcode to it. Knowing Pong had communicated with his instigator via an online pet forum, the police trace the IP addresses of the users. It is tracked to Ruoting’s house. Chen Yu alerts Ruoting about the police’s findings. She flees with her computer when Zhijie and her team show up at her house. During the pursuit, she is shot. Chen Yu rescues Ruoting and treats her gunshot wound. Xuewei promises he will not desert her. Zhijie suspects Chen Yu is the person who saved Ruoting.
8217"Episode 17"September 28, 2016 (2016-09-28)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
A suspicious vehicle is found near Ruoting’s abandoned car. The vehicle owner, Hong Daming, is requested to assist in police investigations. Daming denies harbouring Ruoting, though bloodstains are found in his car. Ruoting’s wound is infected and she develops a raging fever. Chen Yu informs Xuewei and warns him that the police are about to locate her soon. Xuewei instructs him to finish her off. Zhijie and team track down Ruoting’s hideout. However, she is nowhere to be found. Xuanmei is discharged from the hospital. Guixiang proposes to her again. Lantian arrests Gary for laundering money online. Gary confesses the mastermind is Ruoting and insists he has never met Xuewei. Shishi helps Jingze court Yanqi. Jingze and Yanqi share some common interests and get along well. Lantian is well aware Ruoting is just carrying out Xuewei’s orders. He wants to find her, to get her to testify against Xuewei. Lantian finds a key in Hongxi’s musical box. Surmising that it is the key to Zhongzheng’s safe deposit box in Taiwan, he decides to take Hongxi to Taiwan to check it out. Xuewei finds out Lantian is heading off to Taiwan and concludes he has found the key to Zhongzheng’s safe deposit box. He sends Chen Yu over. Matthew is kidnapped. Zhijie receives an anonymous message warning her not to file a police report.
8318"Episode 18"September 29, 2016 (2016-09-29)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
The kidnapper wants Lantian and Zhijie to hand over the key, in exchange for their son. Lantian follows the kidnapper’s instructions. A man is arrested when he arrives at the designated location to pick up the key. However, the man is clueless as to what’s going on. In the hope of rescuing Matthew, Hongxi takes a fake key to Xuewei. He sees through her lies and tries to strangle her. She defends herself by stabbing him. While fleeing, she is knocked down by a vehicle and is killed. Someone puts Matthew outside a hospital so he can be treated for his fever. Looking through the CCTV recordings, Zhijie and Lantian think the person is Chen Yu. Lantian and Zhijie are unable to accept that Hongxi is dead. He speculates that Xuewei is involved. Lantian confronts Xuewei for causing the death of Hongxi. He denies the allegations and provokes Lantian, who almost punches him. Chen Yu assures Lantian he is on his side. Lantian has his doubts. The key actually belongs to a safe deposit box in a local bank. Lantian is disappointed there is nothing inside. Jingze informs Lantian that the Taiwanese police have found a person who used to work at a pub, who is keeping a key for Zhongzheng. Lantian decides to head to Taiwan without telling Zhijie. Xuanmei is saddened to learn she has epilepsy. On her wedding day, she locks herself in a room and refuses to get married. Guixiang learns from Amy that Xuanmei wants to break up with him because she is worried she cannot conceive. Xuanmei decides to return to Malaysia, and asks Amy to help her withdraw all her money. She suddenly remembers a set of passcodes Zhongzheng had given her and believes they apply to the safe deposit box. She fumbles to text Lantian and Amy volunteers to help. In fact, Amy sends the text to someone else. Guixiang confirms that epilepsy patients are able to conceive. He quickly goes home to tell Xuanmei the good news. Little does he know that Amy and her boyfriend, Ah Song, have abducted Xuanmei at Xuewei’s instruction...
8419"Episode 19"September 30, 2016 (2016-09-30)
PG Some Disturbing Scenes
Amy tells Guixiang that Xuanmei has returned to her hometown. He looks frantically for her but to no avail. A text from Xuanmei says she wants to break up with him. Yanqi develops a grudge against Shishi and starts avoiding her. Jingze feels he and Yanqi are not making any progress and should return to Taiwan. Zhijie reveals to Chen Yu that Xuewei could be the person who caused the death of his father. From his reaction, she realises he has long known this and could be plotting revenge against Xuewei. Chen Yu worries the police will find out what he did five years ago. In a foul mood, Chen Yu quarrels with Shishi. He goes drinking and chances upon Yanqi. She sends him home and Shishi happens to come over to try to reconcile with him. He kisses Yanqi on purpose. The next day, Chen Yu apologises to Yanqi. He breaks up with Shishi, lying that the person he loves is Yanqi. Hongxi’s death is proven to be an accident. Lantian insists it was caused by Xuewei and argues with Zhijie. The rift between them widens. Guixiang finds Amy behaving suspiciously and tails her. He discovers Xuanmei confined in a deserted house and tries to save her. In the midst of the chaos, Xuanmei hit the back of her head against a nail on the pillar. Xuewei flares up after the police smash his syndicate’s investment plan. He suspects a mole, who could well be Chen Yu. Chen Yu becomes tense. Zhijie finds out that the young man who had met with Shijian in Thailand five years ago was Chen Yu. She speculates that Chen Yu could be the person who murdered Guorong. Lantian and Zhijie have a huge fight. Overwhelmed by emotion, Lantian starts running. He recalls his past with Zhongzheng and out of the blue, figures out the passcode. The safe deposit box is opened, which contains the evidence of Xuewei’s criminal activities. Jingze sends the evidence to Singapore. On their way to the police station, a truck speeds towards Lantian and Jingze...
8520"Episode 20 (Finale)"October 3, 2016 (2016-10-03)
PG Some Violence
The truck rams into Lantian and Jingze’s car. The evidence on Xuewei’s criminal activities is stolen. Critically injured, Jingze goes into a coma. Chen Yu is aware Xuewei has escaped prosecution and worries he will be the next target. He decides to strike first. Chen Yu lies to Xuewei that he has received an anonymous e-mail asking to meet over the identity of the person who conned his father. Fearful of being found out, Xuewei secretly follows Chen Yu to the meeting place. Lantian tails Xuewei. At the appointed place, Chen Yu hides. Lantian shows up unexpectedly and Xuewei concludes he is the anonymous e-mail sender. They begin to argue and Xuewei pulls out a gun. He is accidentally shot. Lantian bumps his head and loses consciousness. Wounded, Xuewei tries to leave but is stopped by Chen Yu. Xuewei admits cheating his father but insists he did nothing wrong. Enraged, Chen Yu kills him. He leaves the gun in Lantian’s hands. Shishi realises Chen Yu did not break up with her to be with Yanqi and that he is keeping something from her. Jingze’s condition stabilises. Investigations lead the police to conclude that a third person was at the crime scene. A warrant is issued for Chen Yu’s arrest, and he decides to flee the country. He receives a message from Ruoting saying she has abducted Shishi. Ruoting is shot by Chen Yu. He is about to leave with Shishi when Zhijie and her team arrive.

Awards & Nominations[edit]

Star Awards 2017[edit]

C.L.I.F. 4 has the least nominations in Star Awards 2017.

The other drama serials that are nominated for Star Awards 2017 are Hero, You Can Be an Angel 2, Fire Up and The Dream Job.

It won 1 out of 2 nominations.

The Star Awards are presented by Mediacorp.

Star Awards – Acting Awards
Accolades Category Nominees Result
The Road to Star Awards 2017 Episode 1
红星大奖 影聚响宴
Best Director
Martin Chan
Star Awards 2017 Awards Ceremony
Best Drama Serial

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