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C.L.I.F. 2
GenrePolice procedural
Created byPhang Kai Yee
Written bySeah Choon Guan
Tang Yeow
Directed byChen Yi You
Foo Seng Peng
Jasmine Woo
StarringLi Nanxing
Qi Yuwu
Rui En
Joanne Peh
Thomas Ong
Opening theme光荣角色 by Power Station
Country of originSingapore
Original languagesChinese, with some English dialogue
No. of episodes20
ProducerChia Mien Yang
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Picture format16:9 Widescreen
Original release18 February (2013-02-18) –
15 March 2013 (2013-03-15)
Preceded byIt's a Wonderful Life
Followed byBreak Free
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C.L.I.F. 3 (2014)
C.L.I.F. 4 (2016)
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C.L.I.F. 2
Traditional Chinese警徽天職2
Simplified Chinese警徽天职2

C.L.I.F. 2 (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, or 警徽天职2) was a police procedural series produced by MediaCorp Singapore in 2012 in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force.[1] It was broadcast from 18 February to 15 March 2013 on free-to-air MediaCorp Channel 8 and consists of 20 episodes. The series is co-sponsored by Gain City, Sheng Siong Supermarkets and Gold Roast Coffee. It stars Li Nanxing, Qi Yuwu, Rui En, Joanne Peh and Thomas Ong for the second installment of the series.

The series is the highest-rated drama serial in 2013, with an average viewership of 901,000, beating the record set by It's a Wonderful Life (with 835,000).[2]

A sequel for the drama, C.L.I.F. 3, will air April 9, 2014. Elvin Ng will return to act in the drama series.[3]


C.L.I.F. 警徽天职 was the 2nd most watched drama for 2011 with an average viewership of 924,000. The final episode attracted over 1,041,000 viewers.[4] It also had 47,844 streams per episode, the highest average number of streams per episode on MediaCorp's Catch-Up TV portal on Xinmsn.

The series was also praised for the departure away from an idealised depiction of police officers and its realistic portrayal of the unseen struggles and obstacles police officers often face. In response, MediaCorp commissioned a second season, again in collaboration with the SPF, and filming began at the end of September. Most of the main cast is retained. Prior to filming, it was confirmed that Tay Ping Hui and Tracy Lee will not be returning and Rui En, Pierre Png and Li Nanxing will join the cast. C.L.I.F. 2 is made its debut on 18 February 2013.[5]


The series continues from where C.L.I.F. left off with new cases and new cast members. Yew Jia (Qi Yuwu) is now a Senior Investigating Officer and has begun a relationship with Xin Yi (Joanne Peh), who had partnered with him in the CID on a temporary transfer. Former uniformed officer Kok Hung (Andie Chen) was recently transferred to the Special Investigations Section in the CID. Seetoh Yan (Aileen Tan) remains in charge but is assigned as Head Investigation Officer as well.

Yew Jia is assigned a new partner Jimmy (Cavin Soh), a veteran policeman, and their friendship begins awkwardly when Jimmy accidentally mistook Yew Jia for a molester and "arrests" him. Kok Hung's follow-the-book approach does not bode well with his partners as he has to learn to adjust to a different way of approaching cases than he was used to during his days on uniformed patrol at a NPC. His superior is Tze Keat (Rui En), a headstrong career woman who has yet to find her other half. When her long-time colleague and forensics expert Lim Thiam (Li Nanxing) challenges her to meet someone through a speed-dating event, not wanting to lose the wager, she accepts. Xin Yi's dream comes true when she earns a transfer to the CID and assigned to the Serious Sexual Crimes Branch. She meets the resident medical examiner Dr Chow (Thomas Ong) and becomes torn between him and Yew Jia.

The officers from the different branches at Tanglin Police Division work together to tackle all sorts of cases ranging from misdemeanours such as theft to more major cases such as violent crime, elaborate scams and prostitution. Unfortunately for some, their personal lives interfere with their jobs and they are forced to make difficult decisions. Kok Hung is grief-stricken when his fiancée is murdered and struggles to keep his emotions in check. Seetoh Yan gets a shock of her life when her usually mild-mannered son becomes a suspect in separate rape and assault cases. Xin Yi becomes worried her sister Jen is hanging out with the wrong crowd when Jen becomes a suspect in one of Yew Jia's cases. Keat's memory of her own sister's disappearance and murder returns to haunt her during a series of kidnapping-cum-murder investigations and the similarities in modus operandi leads her to suspect the same perpetrator has returned. Meanwhile, a dashing young psychologist Chan Yin Kwun (Pierre Png) Tze Keat and Lum Thiam befriend is not all he seems.


The characters names are in both Chinese and dialect (if any) romanization.

Main cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes appeared
Li Nanxing
Wee Lum Thiam
ASP Wee Lum Thiam
Head of Forensic Management Branch (FMB)
Zhijie's boyfriend
In love with Zhijie and married her in the end
1–7, 9-20
Qi Yuwu
Tang Yewjia
SSI Tang Yew Jia
Senior Investigating Officer in the Tanglin PD
Xinyi's ex-boyfriend
Joanne Peh
Leow Xinyi
ASP Leow Xin Yi
Ajumma, Agashi, Dumbo (小飞象), Swallow (小飞燕)
CID officer in the Serious Sexual Crime Branch
Yaojia's ex-girlfriend
Went for the UN Peace Keeping tour in the end
Rui En
Ng Tze Keat
SSI Ng Tze Keat
Officer-in-charge Team C of Special Investigation Section (SIS)
Yanjun's ex-girlfriend
Lantian's girlfriend
In love with Lantian and married him in the end
Younger version portrayed by 谢凯欣
1–9, 11-20
18 (young)
Andie Chen
Chao Kok Hung
SSI Chao Kok Hung
Deputy Officer-in-charge Team C (SIS)
1–4, 6–9, 12–13, 15-20
Note : Ended his part, will not appear in C.L.I.F. 3
Pierre Png
Chan Yin Kwun
Main Villain
Psychiatrist Chan Yin Kwun/Chan Yin Kwan
Serial kidnapper-cum-murderer; pedophile
Zhijie's ex-boyfriend
Valerie, Ou Weiren, Liu Zhenwei, Chen Yuqi and Wu Anxing's psychiatrist
Caused the deaths of Zhou Xiaoru, Su Jiajia, Stanley and Wu Anxing
Kidnapped Dai Donghua and Wei Lantian
Shot by Huang Zhijie while tussling with Wei Lantian
(Deceased - C.L.I.F 3 Episode 6)
4–6, 8–9, 11, 13-20
Thomas Ong
Chow Chee Heng
Dr Chow Chee Heng
Forensic pathologist
Student care centre volunteer and tennis coach
Carries a torch for Xinyi
2, 4-11, 13, 15-20
Note : Ended his part, will not appear in C.L.I.F. 3
Aileen Tan
Seetoh Yan
Supt Seetoh Yan
Head Investigation Officer of Tanglin PD
1–2, 4–5, 9-11, 14–15, 19-20
Note : Ended her part, will not appear in C.L.I.F. 3
Cavin Soh
Tai Da Tung
SI Jimmy Tai
Uncle Jimmy
Senior Investigation Officer in Tanglin PD
Yaojia's partner
4–7, 9-20

Supporting police cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes appeared
James Hu
Koh How Peng
SSI Koh How Peng
Member of Team C (SIS)
1–4, 6–7, 12–13, 15-20
Haden Hee
Tay Jin Qiang
SSI Tay Jin Qiang
Member of Team C (SIS)
1–4, 7, 12–13, 15-20
Jessica Ang
Nico Member of Team C (SIS) 1–5, 7, 12–13, 15–16, 18-20

Eric Member of Team C (SIS) 1–4, 7, 9, 12–13, 15–16, 18-20

Kenny Member of Team C (SIS) 1–4, 7, 12–13, 15-20

Ng Saik Hua
Supt Ng Saik Hua 1, 11, 19-20

Lau Yongzheng
Commander of STAR 1
Joy Yak
Bai Yuxia
Senior Investigating Officer in the Tanglin PD 1–7, 9-14, 16-20

Ouyang Rong
Member of Tanglin PD 1, 4–7, 9-14, 17-20

Jason Member of Tanglin PD 1, 4-6
Silver Ang
Sim Wen Lin
Member of the FMB Sim Wen Lin
Laboratory technician
2–5, 7–8, 11–13, 15-20

Denzyl Member of the FMB 2–3, 5, 7, 10, 13, 15, 18
Lim Chai Teck
Chai Teck Member of the FMB 2
William Lawandi
Ye Rongguang
2, 4–7, 10-11

Joe-Lin Member of the FMB Joe Lin Tan 3–4, 7, 12–13, 16, 18-19


Member of Tanglin PD 4–5, 10, 20

Member of Tanglin PD 4–7, 11, 20

Member of Tanglin PD 11, 14

Member of Tanglin PD 11, 14
Michael Kwah
Xie Haoxiong
Member of Tanglin PD 15-16

Stella 15-16

Other cast[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes appeared
Sheila Tan
Jess Jess Ho Man Hwa (何曼华)
Jay's ex-girlfriend who dumped him for another boyfriend

Jay National Serviceman Jay Tan Lai Kit (陈来吉)
Jess's ex-boyfriend
Comes from a single-parent family
Won Best Soldier award
Has a violent streak
Armed with an M16 rifle and eight 5.56mm bullets
Took Ng Tze Keat and six others hostage in a fashion outlet
Killed by STAR when he was about to kill Tze Keat
(Deceased - episode 1)
Yap Huixin
Coco Chow Chee Heng's student at the care centre
356's triad member
Daxiong, Ivan, Jeffery and Jiang Yongzhe's friend
Raped and kidnapped by Max in episode 10
Witnessed Chan Yin Kwun calling to Stanley at Red Dragon KTV in episode 15
2, 5, 8-11, 15
Ivan Tan
Chow Chee Heng's student at the care centre
356's triad member
Coco, Ivan, Jeffery and Jiang Yongzhe's friend
2, 5, 8-10

Ivan Chow Chee Heng's student at the care centre
Jiang Yongzhe's friend
356's triad member
Coco, Daxiong, Jeffery and Jiang Yongzhe's friend
2, 5, 8-10
Scott C. Hillyard Jeffery Chow Chee Heng's student at the care centre
356's triad member
Coco, Daxiong, Ivan and Jiang Yongzhe's friend
2, 5, 8-10
Zhang Wen Xiang
Lau Zhen Wei
Businessman/Taxi driver Lau Zhen Wei
Chen Yuqi's husband
Lau Yun En's father
Sng Xiuqing's client
Had a one-night stand with Sng Xiuqing
Involved in Sng Xiuqing's homicide case
Cleared of suspicions as he was found beating the red light at a Chai Chee Street junction when Sng Xiuqing was at a Bukit Timah petrol station
Went gambling and borrowed money from loansharks after being sacked
Died after being robbed and stabbed by Koh Keng Meng
(Deceased - 15 June 2013)
2–4, 9, 11-13
Janice Koh
Chen Yuqi
Wee Lum Thiam's ex-wife
Lau Zhenwei's wife
Lau Yun En's mother
Suspect in murder of Lau Zhenwei
Diagnosed with severe depression in episode 14
Unintentionally harmed Lum Thiam while trying to get him back from Tze Keat in episode 18, and is hospitalized again
Member of the support group
2–4, 6, 9, 11–15, 17-20

Sng Xiuqing
Property agent/investment consultant Cindy Sng Xiu Qing
Body found decomposed during the "Double Jeopardy" raid conducted by the Tanglin Police Division in episodes 1 and 2
Had a one-night stand with Lau Zhenwei
Murdered by Ou Weiren after she found out about his affair
(Deceased - 8 February 2013)

Elsie Tan Sng Xiuqing's client
Ou Weiren's girlfriend
(Arrested - episode 3)
Seth Ang
Ou Weiren
Elsie Tan's boyfriend
Murdered Sng Xiuqing after she found out about his affair
(Arrested - episode 4)
Melody Low Liu Sini
Wu Keqiang's girlfriend
Sexually assaulted by Fan Jianming
Broke up with Wu Keqiang in episode 7
3, 5-6

Iris Ho Sexually assaulted by Fan Jianming 5

Fan Jianming
Sexually assaulted females, including Iris Ho and Liu Sini
(Arrested - episode 5)
Aloysius Pang
Jiang Yongzhe
Situ Yan's son
356's triad member
Coco, Daxiong, Ivan and Jeffrey's friend
Went into hiding after "raping" Coco
Turned himself in to the police in episode 10
Arrested in relation to Don's attack in episode 11
Sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment
(Jailed - episode 14)
5, 8-11, 14, 20
Louis C. Hillyard Choo Boon Onn
Student Choo Boon Onn
B.O. Choo
Suffers from body odour
(Released on bail - episode 6)
4, 6
Candyce Toh
Qiu Ailin
Chao Kok Hung's fiancée
Murdered by Sun Han after her tussle with Xiao Jiahao
(Deceased - episode 6)
6–7, 9
Xavier Ong
Xiao Jiahao
Ex-convict, suspect in murder of Qiu Ailin
Xiao Jiafu's younger brother
Cleared of suspicions due to his timidness
6–7, 9

Sun Han
Toa Payoh serial attacker
Attacked females of Shen Xinhong's appearance (short hair and striped shirt), including Qiu Ailin and Miss Lin
(Hospitalized - episode 9)
Jayley Woo
Leow Zhenting
Jen Leow
Leow Xinyi's paternal half-sister
Shane's ex-girlfriend
Sentenced to 24 months' probation and 120 hours of community service in episode 18
7-11, 14-20

Don Ong Soon Tong's triad member
Attacked by Max and Yongzhe from 356 in episode 9
Ryan Lian
Max 356's chief
Ong Soon Tong's rival
Framed Jiang Yongzhe for "raping" Coco, and later kidnapped her
(Arrested - episode 10)

Shen Xinhong
Abused Sun Han
Huang Huaxiong's travel agency's ex-employee

Ah Xiang
Loanshark runner for Max who used to do a second-hand phone business 10

Kelvin Involved in illegal moneylending activities
Monica's brother
Tried to flee to Indonesia with Monica but is stopped in the nick of time
(Arrested - episode 11)
Vincent Tee
Yang Longsan
Involved in illegal moneylending activities
(Arrested - episode 11)
Elizabeth Seah
Monica Yang Longsan's helper
Kelvin's sister
Involved in illegal moneylending activities
Tried to flee to Indonesia with Kelvin but is stopped in the nick of time
(Arrested - episode 11)
Louis Lim Yongkun
Wang Baoguang
Taxi robber, suspect in theft of three taxi robberies
(Arrested - episode 12)
Remus Teng
Koh Keng Meng
Robbed and stabbed Lau Zhenwei in the taxi
(Arrested - episode 13)
Jerry Manuel Koedding Stanley Erickson Yin Kwun's client
Died after falling down the building by Zheng Liansong
(Deceased - episode 15)
13, 15–16, 20
Shane Pow
Shane Loh
Drug peddler and harasser
Jen's ex-boyfriend
Tracy, Stacy and Cassie's boyfriend
Matthew's brother
Accused Tang Yewjia for getting into a fight with him and Jen to nearly fall off the block, when it should have been the other way round
Tried to take Jen away with Matthew after she reported him to the police
(Arrested - episode 17)
Tay Yong Meng
Sunny Molested five females at the park, including Jen
(Arrested - episode 14)

Beer lady
Zheng Liansong's wife
Stanley's girlfriend
16, 19

Zheng Liansong
Shuping's husband
Works at a nursery
Murdered Stanley under Chan Yin Kwun's orders
Owes loansharks a huge debt
(Arrested - episode 16)
16, 20

Chow Xiaoru
Primary school student Chow Xiao Ru
Chow Ming Chong's daughter (mother deceased)
Liked "Nini The Cat"
Killed by Chan Yin Kwun after he took her to a warehouse
(Deceased - episode 18)
17, 20
Andi Lim
Goh Anxing
Goh An Xing
Ex-convict, works at a horse stable
Caused the death of Huang Zhiqing
Chan Yin Kwun's patient
Killed by Chan Yin Kwun when he found out Yanjun used the same modus operandi to kidnap Chow Xiaoru
(Deceased - episode 18)
18, 20

Young Ng Tze Qing
Primary school student Ng Tze Qing
Ng Tze Keat's elder sister
Ng Huaxiong and Lin Limei's elder daughter
Taken by Wu Anxing while playing hide-and-seek with Zhijie, and is killed
(Deceased - 22 years ago)

Chow Ming Chong
Chow Xiaoru's father
Wee Lum Thiam's university classmate
Member of the support group

Cameo appearances[edit]

Cast Role Description Episodes appeared
Tan Tiow Im
Leow Xianchang
Leow Xinyi and Jen's grandfather
Wang Xiuling's husband
1, 4, 8, 15, 17-20
Ang Twa Bak
Wang Xiuling
Leow Xinyi and Jen's grandmother
Liao Xianchang's wife
1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17-20
Tony Kim Ju Gong
Ng Huaxiong
Ng Tze Qing and Ng Tze Keat's father
Runs a travel agency
Country club member
Lin Limei's husband
1, 6, 8, 18, 20
Zhu Yuye
Lin Limei
Ng Tze Qing and Ng Tze Keat's mother
Runs a travel agency
Country club member
Huang Huaxiong's wife
1, 6, 8, 18, 20
Chloe Ng Ying En
Lau Yun En
Lau Zhenwei and Chen Yuqi's daughter
Diagnosed with meningitis in episode 9
2, 6, 9, 11–12, 14, 17, 20
Ben Yeo
Wu Keqiang
Leow Xinyi's old classmate
Liu Sini's boyfriend
Hospitalized after drink-driving when Sini broke up with him
Let go of his relationship with Sini and found a new girlfriend in the end
3–4, 7
Shanice Koh
Jiang Yongxin
Jiang Desheng and Situ Yan's daughter 5, 14, 20
Tommy Wong
Jiang Desheng
Situ Yan's husband
Jiang Yongzhe and Jiang Yongxin's father
5, 9-10, 14, 20

Zhang Ruihua
Jimmy's wife
Donghua's mother
6, 10–12, 15, 19
Lorraine Koh
Tai Tunghua
Jimmy and Zhang Ruihua's daughter
Diagnosed with autism
Drugged with ecstasy pills by Shane in episode 15
Kidnapped by Chan Yin Kwun in episode 19
Rescued by Jimmy, Xinyi and Yewjia in the end
6, 10–12, 15, 19-20
Benjamin Heng
Tang Yaocheng
Yewjia's older brother
Diagnosed with spinocerebellar atrophy
8, 10, 12, 14, 16
Henry Heng
Yin Kwun's father
Chan Yanjun's father 11, 13

Yin Kwun's mother
Chan Yin Kwun's mother 11, 13


References to other dramas[edit]

  • The first episode featured a short clip from Crime Busters x 2 (2008) where Zhijie and Lantian were discussing about how crime serials were produced according to the way the TV station wants to direct. Tay Ping Hui, who was also in the first season, was also seen during the credits reel on TV.
  • The TV serial Together (2009), which Chia Mien Yang was also the executive producer, was shown briefly in episode 3, and in episode 6 where Guohuang and Ailin test out the 3D TVs in a Gain City outlet. Wang Yuqing, who would be in the third season, was also seen on the TVs.


No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Repeat telecast
211"Episode 1"February 18, 2013 (2013-02-18)June 28, 2016 PG
Liao Xinyi (Joanne Peh) is on patrol when she learns Jay wants to kill his girlfriend, Jess. Xinyi goes to Jess’ rescue and is grazed by a bullet. Zhao Guohuang (Andie Chen) and his team learn Jay is hiding in a motel in Geylang. They see him walking out with a bag, and tail him to a mall. Panicking when someone spots the gun in his bag, Jay takes Huang Zhijie (Rui En) hostage. Zhijie is from the Special Crimes Unit and has just returned from a work trip. Jay takes Zhijie to a fashion outlet. The staff become his hostages as well. Jay comes from a single-parent family. Neglect caused him to develop a violent streak. Zhijie tries to calm him down, but one of the hostages angers Jay by trying to escape. Jay is about to fire a shot when the police shoot him down. Zhijie feels she could have saved Jay from being killed, and argues with Guohuang about this. Xinyi is unhappy her transfer to CID will be delayed because of her hospitalisation. Xianchang and Xiuling are anxious Xinyi will be put in a unit that investigates sexual violence cases. Yaojia (Qi Yuwu) makes red bean glutinous rice for Xinyi, it is sold out at the shop. Yaojia is asked to pose as a foreign worker with Ouyang, to find evidence of illegal gambling and prostitution. Forced to reveal his identity, he is attacked.
222"Episode 2"February 19, 2013 (2013-02-19)June 29, 2016 PG
Yaojia and team found a decayed corpse after they busted an illegal gambling and prostitution ring in the forest. The deceased, Sun Xiuqing, used to work for an investment company. Lantian (Li Nanxing) discovers that Xiuqing’s death may be linked to his ex-wife’s current husband, Zhengwei.
233"Episode 3"February 20, 2013 (2013-02-20)June 30, 2016 PG
Zhijie questions Zhengwei and Zhengwei admits to the extramarital affairs but denied killing Xiuqing. Lantian found a summon of Zhengwei beating the red light at Yuqi’s house. After careful investigation, it was confirmed that Xiuqing was with another man at the petrol station thereby proving Zhengwei’s innocence. He is released as a result.
244"Episode 4"February 21, 2013 (2013-02-21)July 1, 2016 PG Some Violence
Lantian takes up Zhijie’s challenge to find a mate. She gets to know psychologist Chen Yanjun (Pierre Png) as a result. Yanjun’s chivalry leaves a good impression on Zhijie and they hit it off well. Zhijie thought that Yanjun will choose her as his partner but it turns out otherwise and that leaves her puzzled.
255"Episode 5"February 22, 2013 (2013-02-22)July 4, 2016 PG
Xinyi arrests Fan Jianming when she is investigating a serial rape case. When she goes through Jianming’s photos, she discovers that some of them belong to her friend Keqiang’s girlfriend, Sini. Xinyi realises that Sini used to prostitute but struggled to tell Keqiang the truth.
266"Episode 6"February 25, 2013 (2013-02-25)July 5, 2016 PG
Xinyi brings up Sini to Yaojia but hesitates about revealing the truth to Keqiang. Yaojia advises Xinyi not to interfere in others' affairs. Sini bumps into Xinyi at the police station while assisting in an investigation. She tells Xinyi her reason for turning to prostitution and pleads with Xinyi to keep it a secret.
277"Episode 7"February 26, 2013 (2013-02-26)July 6, 2016 PG
Guohuang’s fiancée, Ailin (Candyce Toh) is murdered. He suspects Jiahao (Xavier Ong) is the murderer but Jiahao denies it. The police find some evidence at Jiahao’s hideout but after Lantian’s close examination, Jiahao is found to have spoken the truth. This frustrates the team members who are bent to help Jiahao find the killer.
288"Episode 8"February 27, 2013 (2013-02-27)July 7, 2016 PG
Yaojia and Xinyi suspect that it could be the same culprit who killed Ailin during their investigation into a serial assault case. Guohuang is devastated when he finds out that the killer is not Jiahao. He frantically runs to the hospital to ask the victims of the serial assault cases if they got a clear look at their assailant.
299"Episode 9"February 27, 2013 (2013-02-27)July 8, 2016 PG Some Violence
Zhiheng (Thomas Ong), Xinyi, Yongzhe (Aloysius Pang) and Coco go to the park to play Frisbee. Max secretly instigates Yongzhe to assault Don. Eyewitnesses claim they saw a few youngsters fleeing the crime scene and Yongzhe and his friends are brought to the police station for questioning. Yaojia finds Yongzhe suspicious when taking his statement.
3010"Episode 10"February 28, 2013 (2013-02-28)July 11, 2016 PG Junevile Delinquency
Zhiheng suddenly receives a call from Coco claiming that she was raped by Yongzhe. Zhiheng and Xinyi rush to the scene but find no one. Situ Yan is surprised when she finds out that Yongzhe is involved in a rape case. She questions Yongzhe but he denies any knowledge of the case.
3111"Episode 11"March 4, 2013 (2013-03-04)July 12, 2016 PG Some Sexual References
Zhengwei continues to indulge in gambling and even resorts to borrowing from loan sharks who have come knocking at his door. Unable to tolerate his gambling habits, Yuqi asks for a divorce. She packs up to leave but Zhengwei stops her. In a moment of fury, Zhengwei pushes Yuqi and she gets hit in the tummy.
3212"Episode 12"March 5, 2013 (2013-03-05)July 13, 2016 PG
Zhiheng does not hide his fondness for Xinyi and even declares to Yaojia that he would have courted Xinyi if he knew her much earlier. Yaojia is afraid that Xinyi might leave him for Zhiheng and decides to propose to her. Xinyi sees that Yaojia is sincere in his proposal and agrees to marry him.
3313"Episode 13"March 6, 2013 (2013-03-06)July 14, 2016 PG
Jingming confesses that he killed Zhengwei as a result of the robbery and lead the CID to the forest to look for Zhengwei’s body. Zhengwei’s body is highly decomposed and his strange postmortem positions have the CID speculating why he did not seek help and instead walked back into the forest.
3414"Episode 14"March 7, 2013 (2013-03-07)July 15, 2016 PG Some Violence
Zhijie confesses to Lantian that although she and Yanjun are in love, she does not have much feelings for him. In fact, she feels that Yanjun seems to be hiding a lot from her. Lantian encourages her not to give up.
3515"Episode 15"March 8, 2013 (2013-03-08)July 18, 2016 PG Some Violence
Yaojia escapes death and Xinyi shows even more concern for him. Jimmy (Cavin Soh) knows that Xinyi likes Yaojia a lot and brings her to see Yaocheng who suffers from cerebellar atrophy. Xinyi finally understands Yaocheng is the reason Yaojia wants to break up with her as he is afraid that he may be a burden to her.
3616"Episode 16"March 11, 2013 (2013-03-11)July 19, 2016 PG
Yanjun is a suspect in Stanley (Jerry Koedding)’s case and is questioned by the police. He admits to meeting Stanley that day and was given a sum of money. Yanjun insists the money was a loan from Stanley and not extorted from him. He also insists he did not push Stanley down the building. The police find a sum of money was transferred into Stanley’s account but are unable to prove that it came from Yanjun.
3717"Episode 17"March 12, 2013 (2013-03-12)July 20, 2016 PG
Lantian and Zhijie bumped into Zhijie’s ex-boyfriend and his wife. Zhijie’s ex-boyfriend thinks she is still single but Zhijie says she already has a boyfriend. Lantian plays along and Zhijie is grateful to him for bailing her out and the two finally get together.
3818"Episode 18"March 13, 2013 (2013-03-13)July 21, 2016 PG
Lantian is afraid of Yuqi’s feelings for him and explains to her his relationship with Zhijie. He makes it clear that he only treats her like a friend. Yuqi begs Lantian not to leave her. She seeks Zhijie out and tries to harm her.
3919"Episode 19"March 14, 2013 (2013-03-14)July 22, 2016 PG
Zhijie investigates a child abduction case and finds that all evidence point to Yanjun’s patient, Anxing. She believes that Anxing not only killed her sister but is also involved in a few recent cases. Lantian smells a rat and finds more damaging evidence against Yanjun…
4020"Episode 20 (Season finale)"March 15, 2013 (2013-03-15)July 25, 2016 PG Some Violence
Zhijie thinks Lantian has gone after Anxing but it appears he has gone missing. Zhijie suspects something is amiss. Lantian awakes to find himself tied up in a wood factory. Yanjun appears and confesses his misdemeanors. Can Zhijie save Lantian in time?

Awards & Nominations[edit]

Star Awards 2014[edit]

C.L.I.F. 2 won one award in the Asian Television Awards. Pierre Png won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role "Highly Commended" award. It also clinched 1 out of 5 awards for the Star Awards, the Top Rated Drama Serial in 2013.The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are The Journey: A Voyage , The Dream Makers , Beyond & 96°C Café

The Star Awards are presented by Mediacorp.

Star Awards – Acting Awards
Nominees Accolades Category Result
Seah Choon Guan 谢俊源
Tang Yeow 陈耀
Star Awards 20 Show 1
Best Screenplay
Li Nanxing 李南星
Rui En 瑞恩
Favourite Onscreen Couple
Top Rated Drama Serial 2013
最高收视率电视剧 2013
Aileen Tan 陈丽贞 Star Awards 20 Show 2
Best Supporting Actress
Best Drama Serial

Asian Television Award 2013[edit]

Nominee / Work Award Accolade Result
Pierre Png 方展发 Asian Television Awards 2013 Best Actor in a Supporting Role Highly Commended

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