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GenrePolice procedural
Created byPhang Kai Yee 彭凯毅
Written byPhang Kai Yee 彭凯毅
Seah Choon Guan 谢俊源
Directed byChia Mien Yang 谢敏洋
Leong Lye Lin 梁来玲
Chong Liung Man 张龙敏
StarringTay Ping Hui
Qi Yuwu
Joanne Peh
Chris Tong
Elvin Ng
Tracy Lee
Opening themeC.L.I.F. (警微天职) by Zheng Kai Hua
Ending theme(No commentaries for News Tonight)
Country of originSingapore
Original languagesChinese, with some English dialogue
No. of episodes20
ProducerChia Mien Yang 谢敏洋
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Picture format16:9 Widescreen
Original release31 May (2011-05-31) –
27 June 2011 (2011-06-27)
Preceded byThe In-Laws
Followed byDevotion
Related showsC.L.I.F. 2 (2013)
C.L.I.F. 3 (2014)
C.L.I.F. 4 (2016)
C.L.I.F. 5 (2019)

C.L.I.F. (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness, or 警徽天职, commonly pronounced as cliff) is a police procedural series produced by Mediacorp Singapore in 2011 in collaboration with the Singapore Police Force.[1] It was aired from 31 May to 27 June 2011 on free-to-air MediaCorp Channel 8 and consists of 20 episodes. The drama stars Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng, Joanne Peh, Chris Tong and Tracy Lee in the main roles with a large ensemble supporting cast.[2] It was directed by Chong Liung Man, who previously directed another award-winning police procedural C.I.D., which also starred Tay and Qi in the lead roles as police officers.

This drama is also the second Mediacorp production to be filmed entirely at outdoor locations after Your Hand In Mine, and the second Mediacorp production to have no news commentaries for News Tonight during credits. It was replaced by crime-prevention tips, and they were not shown in the repeat telecast.

The drama will return on the repeat telecast timeslot at 5.30pm from 6 December 2012 to 3 January 2013. It will be pre-empted on 1 January 2013 for a New Year's Day special programme.

The third installment of the series, C.L.I.F. 3 premiered on 9 April 2014 and drew a record of 904,000 viewers on its debut episode.[3]


Main characters[edit]

Cast Role Description
Tay Ping Hui 郑斌辉 ASP Chong Yee Tat (钟易达) - Officer-in-charge of Team B, Special Investigations Section (SIS) at Central Police Division CID He is well-respected by his colleagues and previously worked with the Police Coast Guard and Security Command. At age 9, his father committed suicide after a business failure and he and his mother were taken in by his father's good friend, who was a policeman and subsequently influenced Yee Tat's career choice.
Qi Yuwu 戚玉武 SI Tang Yew Jia (唐耀佳) - A senior investigation officer in the investigation branch of Tanglin Police Division Orphaned at age seven, he lost his parents in a vehicle accident and has an estranged older brother. Underneath his cold and aloof appearance is a kind heart and dedication to bring criminals to justice and help the oppressed and innocent.
Joanne Peh 白薇秀 ASP Leow Xin Yi (廖心怡) - An investigation officer at Tanglin Police Division and partner of Yew Jia in the investigation branch She comes from a broken home and is close to her grandparents, who effectively raised her as their own. Energetic and sporty, she is the perfect foil to the cool and calm Yew Jia.
Chris Tong 童冰玉 ASP Zhang Cheng Ling (章岑琳) - Formerly an senior officer with the Police Coast Guard before being transferred to the SIS Her dedication and ambitiousness belies her petite frame and she is determined to make her mark in a male-dominated occupation.
Elvin Ng 黄俊雄 Sgt Teo Kwee Xiang (张贵祥) - An officer stationed at Kampong Java NPC within Tanglin Police Division Despite his seemingly lackadaisical approach and pessimistic outlook, he is actually highly competent and intelligent and has a strong sense of duty and loyalty. As he comes from a working-class background and grew up around gangsters, he has a prejudice against the upper-class and wealthy.
Tracy Lee 李美玲 Cpl Han Xiao Yang (韩晓洋) - A rookie officer assigned as Kwee Xiang's partner who aspires to work in the CID She is new to the job and eager to learn everything she can. As such, Kwee Xiang's lack of ambition exasperates her. She comes from a wealthy family and was forced to study business at university so she could take over the family business. Her rebellious nature prompted her to drop out of university, much to her parents' chagrin, and join the police force.

Other police officers[edit]

Cast Role Description
Rayson Tan 陈泰铭 SSI(2) Yu Chong Nam (余忠南) A senior SIS officer and Yee Tat's ever-dependable deputy
Rebecca Lim 林慧玲 Insp Liu Guat Mui "Moon" (刘月美)

Investigation officer with the forensics team and Yee Tat and Yongmei's family friend

Jade Seah 谢美玉 Insp Goh Pui Joo (吴佩如) Zhang Cheng Ling's colleague and friend in the PCG
Bernard Tan 陈传之 DAC Sung Koh Teck (宋高德) Commander of Tanglin Police Division
Aileen Tan 陈丽贞 Superintendent Seetoh Yan (司徒燕) Head of Investigation(HI) of Tanglin Police Division
Julian Hee 许立桦 DSP Cheng Chee Hong (郑志鸿) Commanding Officer of Kampong Java NPC and Kok Hung's superior
Andie Chen 陈邦鋆 SSI Chao Kok Hung (赵国煌) Kwee Xiang and Xiao Yang's team leader
Romeo Tan 陈罗密欧 Sgt Koh Wen Xiong (许文雄) Kwee Xiang's colleague and junior at Kampong Java NPC

(Deceased - episode 14)

Joey Ng 黄煜硖 SI Foo Xiufang (傅秀芳) Kok Hung's deputy
William Lawandi 刘峻宏 Yap Weng Kwang (叶荣光) Head of Special Investigations Section (SIS) at Central Police Division CID

Other characters[edit]

  • May Phua 潘淑钦 as Xu Yongmei (徐咏梅), Yee Tat's wife
  • Benjamin Heng 王智国 as Tang Yew Cheng (唐耀成), Yew Jia's older brother
  • Adam Chen 詹金泉 as Lim Boon Loong (林文龙), Yee Tat's former colleague in the Security Command
  • Desmond Tan 陈泂江 as Xu Wenbin (徐文彬), Cheng Ling's boyfriend/fiancée


The series showcases various kinds of cases police units deal with, from complicated and sensitive cases such as illegal immigrants and hostage situations to textbook crimes such as arson, drug trafficking, rape and burglary.

The police force is tasked with handling security at the World Security Summit, which is to take place in several months. Over the weeks prior to the summit the different departments and police units at Tanglin Police Division are kept busy with their various cases while preparing for the summit.

Team B leader ASP Chong Yee Tat and his partner SSI(2) Yu Chong Nam are part of the elite Special Investigations Section in the CID. Yee Tat's work often takes him away from his wife Yongmei and their young son. Five years ago Yee Tat failed to crack a case in time and the suspect strangled his daughter before being apprehended. The girl was resuscitated but suffered irreversible brain damage. This case and the burden of having to juggle professional commitments with family life become a source of guilt for him throughout the series. ASP Zhang Cheng Ling, an officer with the Police Coast Guard, was transferred to his team and is determined to prove herself in a mostly male team and overcome Chong Nam's prejudice about her.

Meanwhile, senior investigating officer SI Tang Yew Jia has a new partner, ASP Leow Xin Yi, a temporary transfer to his team in the investigation branch. Yew Jia's seemingly cold exterior frustrates the optimistic Xin Yi. It turns out that he had joined the police force with his older brother but the duo had a falling out over differing views and he is deeply troubled by it. He is especially irked by cases involving unfilial children or adolescent offenders with no regard for authority. Xin Yi finds herself emotionally affected by some of her cases and begins to question her values and principles.

Kampong Java NPCO Sgt Teo Kwee Xiang is well known for his incessant griping and complaining, which annoys his colleagues to the point where his team leader SSI Chao Kok Hung was about to have him transferred. Kwee Xiang is regularly partnered with rookie CPL Han Xiao Yang when on patrol. The duo began their working relationship badly due to their different temperaments and backgrounds. Xiao Yang, whose goal is to join the CID, comes from a wealthy family and is frustrated by Kwee Xiang's seemingly lack of ambition and commitment while Kwee Xiang frequently berates her for being too naive. She soon realises that beneath his aloofness and negativity is a kind heart and strong commitment to the job. Kwee Xiang softens his approach when he realises that Xiao Yang had joined the police force to escape her parents' iron hand but had come to love it. He also takes Sgt Koh Wen Xiong under his wing and the trio become close friends.

The police force is tested when they lose one of their own. Wen Xiong was killed in the line of duty by a mentally unstable and violent suspect. While pursuing the suspect Kwee Xiang was forced to open fire for the first time, killing the man. The team is deeply affected and Kwee Xiang, in particular, and Kok Hung deal with feelings of guilt. As the summit draws ever closer, preparations are again thwarted when Xin Yi becomes "collateral damage" while investigating a seemingly mundane kidnapping and burglary case and is held hostage by a mysterious Korean-American man. Her colleagues soon find themselves dealing with a complicated web of firearms trafficking and cover-ups involving an Interpol-listed criminal syndicate.

In the epilogue (with a one-year time lapse), it is revealed that Kwee Xiang has been promoted to staff sergeant and deputy team leader, Xiao Yang earned a transfer to the investigation branch and became Yew Jia's new partner; she and Kwee Xiang are now an item. Xin Yi finished her term and has returned to frontline duty at the NPC. Cheng Ling's boyfriend proposed to her and she accepted. Yee Tat and his wife have reached a compromise and are reconciled.


In order to inject realism, the main actors were put through a crash training course on police work and procedures conducted by the Training Command (TRACOM) at the Home Team Academy.[4] Scenes were mostly filmed on location outdoors in various parts of Singapore and police establishments such as Tanglin Police Divisional HQ and Police Cantonment Complex. Police units featured include the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Police Coast Guard, Security Command and Special Operations Command specialist units including Police Tactical Unit (PTU), Special Tactics and Rescue (STAR), K-9 unit, Gurkha Contingent (GC) and Crisis Negotiation Unit.


No. in series No. in season Title Original air date Repeat telecast
11"Episode 1"May 31, 2011 (2011-05-31)December 6, 2012 PG
A bomb explodes in a country club where foreign delegates and ministers are meeting. The police receive a mysterious call that a bomb has been planted at a bus interchange. The bomb explodes in the middle of the night. Are the two related? Special Investigations Section officer Chong Yee Tat (Tay Ping Hui) investigates.
22"Episode 2"June 1, 2011 (2011-06-01)December 7, 2012 PG
The Police receive a live transmission of a masked hostage tied up beside a bomb-like device. The video taunts the Police to find the hostage within 24 hours.
33"Episode 3"June 2, 2011 (2011-06-02)December 10, 2012 PG
The Police manage to discover the perpetrator; an adolescent who planned the series of bombings. Yee Tat feels that the public has taken the safety and peace in our country for granted.
44"Episode 4"June 3, 2011 (2011-06-03)December 11, 2012 PG
Two bodies are found in Orchard Road and in a forested area. They both belong to Indonesian maids, and both suffer strangulation rules. The police finds out that one victim's boyfriend is escaping by boat, and a pursuit ensues on the water.
55"Episode 5"June 6, 2011 (2011-06-06)December 12, 2012 PG
Coastal Patrol Craft Commander Cheng Ling (Chris Tong) arrests Matius with the help of the STAR team. Yee Tat recalls a dismemberment case from before, where a victim suffers due to his carelessness. Matius' refusal to plead guilty pushing him to lecture Matius.
66"Episode 6"June 7, 2011 (2011-06-07)December 13, 2012 PG
Car bombs go off in succession, and recently widowed Qihua becomes a suspect. His wife had committed suicide after learning of his infidelity. Depressed and in debt, Qihua is fired from work and hides from his debtors. Yew Jia questions his son Yongjian, and finds that he seems to be hiding something.
77"Episode 7"June 8, 2011 (2011-06-08)December 14, 2012 PG
Qihua is proven innocent. His neighbor Yu Tianbao turns out to be the real arsonist. It is revealed that his grandson died from a hit-and-run accident a year ago. Tianbao set fire to the same model of cars that ran over his grandson.
88"Episode 8"June 9, 2011 (2011-06-09)December 17, 2012 PG
Cheng Ling joins the Special Investigations Section and works under Yee Tat. She encounters a gun murder case on the first day, where the victim Yongtai's house was burgled clean. His wife reveals that 10 years ago, Yongtai brought home a large sum of money. Someone had asked him for a loan the day before his death, but was rejected. Cheng Ling suspects revenge.
99"Episode 9"June 10, 2011 (2011-06-10)December 18, 2012 PG
One of the burglars Wu Gong is arrested, and pushes all the blame to his accomplice Tou Feng. He claims that Tou Feng's attempts to fund a business was rejected by Yongtai, and decided to kidnap him for ransom. They later got into a fight, and Tou Feng killed Yongtai in a fit of anger before robbing his house.
1010"Episode 10"June 13, 2011 (2011-06-13)December 19, 2012 PG
Tou Feng dies in a shoot out with the police, but Cheng Ling notices that Tou Feng is left-handed, with a misshapen right hand. The murderer of Yongtai is a right-hander. Wu Gong turns out to be the killer. In another case, a girl reports being molested by a police officer, and indecent photographs were taken. The Special Investigations Section begins investigations.
1111"Episode 11"June 14, 2011 (2011-06-14)December 20, 2012 PG
Jinliang admits to receiving free sexual favours from Zhang Yao in exchange for setting her free. He was frustrated after breaking up with his girlfriend Meiqi, and accepted the bribe in a moment of folly. After multiple rejections from Meiqi, he sought Zhang Yao again, and was ultimately arrested.
1212"Episode 12"June 15, 2011 (2011-06-15)December 21, 2012 PG
Two cases of girls being abused by police officers were discovered consecutively. Their nude pictures were made public on the web. One girl, Liting, attempts suicide. From the pictures on the web, Xinyi (Joanne Peh) discovers that the girls share the same characteristics, and suspects the cases are linked. Upon questioning, Liting reveals that she knows the suspect.
1313"Episode 13"June 16, 2011 (2011-06-16)December 24, 2012 PG
Architect Tiansheng is murdered. Before his death, he was separated from his wife and was fighting for the custody of his 7-year old daughter. Yida discovers that Tiansheng had appointed his daughter as the beneficiary of a large insurance payout. If his wife had become the custodian, she would receive the payout. Yida suspects a motive.
1414"Episode 14"June 17, 2011 (2011-06-17)December 25, 2012 PG
A woman Lixuan is murdered the same way as Tiansheng. Her boyfriend Zhiming had never met Tiansheng, nor have Xinhui met Lixuan. The cases appear to be unconnected, but Xinyi suspects a link. Yida and his team finds a visually-impaired man with clues based on an ez-link card.
1515"Episode 15"June 20, 2011 (2011-06-20)December 26, 2012 PG
Weizhong is shot dead by Guixiang (Elvin Ng), and Wenxiong (Romeo Tan) dies in the line of duty. The police discovers that Xinhui had financial problems, and seduced Weizhong into killing Tiansheng in order to become her daughter's custodian. Zhiming uncovers the ruse, and threatens Xinhui to help kill his girlfriend after their relationship turns sour.
1616"Episode 16"June 21, 2011 (2011-06-21)December 27, 2012 PG
Xinyi deals with three cases of suicide consecutively, and feels for these victims who chose death over life. Yaojia feels that suicide is an act of cowardice. Xinyi recalls the concern Yaojia (Qi Yuwu) displayed towards her, and is grateful.
1717"Episode 17"June 22, 2011 (2011-06-22)December 28, 2012 PG
Xinyi's grandfather is robbed, but is rescued by the office thief Ah Qiang. Patrolling officers Guixiang and Guohuang (Andie Chen) give chase, but Ah Qiang scrambles to get away. When Guixiang wrestles with the actual robber, he recalls Wenxiong's death. The robber manages to get away when Guixiang hesitates.
1818"Episode 18"June 23, 2011 (2011-06-23)December 31, 2012 PG
Yaocheng (Benjamin Heng) is on a date at a hotel, and sees Yaojia coming in for an investigation. Yaojia discovers that Chen Donglai is a technician with the hotel maintenance team, and tries to arrest him. He is ambushed by Donglai's accomplices. Yaocheng rescues Yaojia, and the brothers mend their fences.
1919"Episode 19"June 24, 2011 (2011-06-24)January 2, 2013 PG
Xinyi is abducted when she investigates a kidnapping. Yaojia is worried after hearing Situ Yan (Aileen Tan)'s view that Xinyi is being held hostage. The kidnappers plot to kidnap Lian Shi En's daughter during the World Security Summit. The police arrive in time and shoot the perpetrator dead. Mastermind Zhengyuan tells Xinyi that he will initiate Plan B.
2020"Episode 20 (Finale)"June 27, 2011 (2011-06-27)January 3, 2013 PG
Zhenyuan negotiate with the police for Lian Shi En, threatening to kill Xinyi. Yaojia replays the footage, and realises that Xinyi is trying to send a message. He attempts to figure out her location, but to no avail. Cenling points out that Xinyi could be referring to another place, and the various divisions sets off. With the clock ticking, will the police be able to find Xinyi and negotiate the crisis?

Awards and nominations[edit]

C.L.I.F. 警徽天职 was the 2nd most watched drama for 2011 with an average viewership of 924,000. The final episode attracted over 1,041,000 viewers.[5] It also had 47,844 streams per episode, the highest average number of streams per episode on MediaCorp's Catch-Up TV portal on Xinmsn.

The series was also praised for the departure away from an idealised depiction of police officers and its more realistic portrayal of the unseen struggles and obstacles police officers and their families often face. In the past, most MediaCorp police procedurals were mostly focused on the action or comedy. In response, MediaCorp commissioned a second season, again in collaboration with the SPF, and filming began at the end of September.[6] Most of the main cast is retained. Prior to filming, it was confirmed that Tay Ping Hui and Tracy Lee would not be returning and Rui En, Pierre Png and Li Nanxing portrayed new characters. C.L.I.F. 2 debuted in February 2013.[7] The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series are A Song to Remember, Kampong Ties, Secrets of Sale, and On The Fringe.

Star Awards 2012[edit]

The show garnered a string of nominations at the 2012 Star Awards in both the acting and professional categories.

Accolades Award Nominee(s) Result
2012 Star Awards
Star Awards 2012 Show 1 红星大奖2012 上半场 Best Newcomer
Romeo Tan
Favourite Male Character
Elvin Ng
Star Awards for Favourite Onscreen Couple (Drama)
Joanne Peh
白薇秀 & Qi Yuwu
Best Director
Chong Liung Man
Best Drama Cameraman Liu Wing Chung Nominated
Best Drama Set Design Oh Hock Leong Nominated
Best Drama Editing Lee Beng Hui Steven Nominated
Star Awards 2012 Show 2 红星大奖2012 下半场 Best Actor
Qi Yuwu
Best Drama Serial
2011 Asian Television Awards
Asian Television Awards 2011 Best Actor Tay Ping Hui Nominated

Overseas broadcast[edit]

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale
 Malaysia Astro AEC 6 January 2012 6 February 2012
 Thailand Thairath TV 3 September 2015

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