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Bose, Basu, Bosu, Boshu or Bosh (Bengali: বসু, romanizedBôsu, Bengali pronunciation: [boʃu]) is a surname found amongst upper caste Kulin Kayastha of West Bengal, India. The traditional Bengali version is Bosu, which is sometimes written Basu, which is alternately spelled as Bose or Basu. It from Sanskrit वासु (Vāsu, a name of Viṣṇu meaning ‘dwelling in all beings’).[1]


Boses belong to Kayastha caste in Bengal. The Bengali Kayasthas evolved between the 5th/6th century AD and 11th/12th century AD, its component elements being putative Kshatriyas and mostly Brahmins, according to André Wink.[2] Boses are considered as Kulin Kayasthas of Gautam gotra, along with Ghoshes, Mitras and Guhas.[3]

Notables of Indian or Bengali descent[edit]

Notable others[edit]

von Bose is an unrelated German surname

Bosé is an unrelated European surname

  • Lucia Bosè (Italian spelling, born Lucia Borloni) or Lucía Bosé (Spanish spelling) (1931–2020), Italian actress
  • Miguel Bosé (born 1956), Spanish singer and son of Lucia Bosè


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