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The Arsalyn Program of Ludwick Family Foundation (formerly Arsalyn Foundation) is a small 501(c)(3)[1] non-profit foundation in the United States headquartered in Glendora, California. It is dedicated to increasing youth civic engagement. It is categorized under Voter Education/Registration programs[2]

Arsalyn Program's mission statement:

The Arsalyn Program of Ludwick Family Foundation was created to encourage young Americans to become informed and active participants in the electoral process. The Arsalyn Program views the civic and political engagement of young people as beneficial to country, community and character. The Arsalyn Program is firmly committed to a non-partisan, non-issue-based and inclusive approach to ensure that voting become a lifetime commitment on the part of our nation's young adults.


Arsalyn Foundation hosts a variety of events, including town halls in Southern California and a national conference in Washington, D.C., with many different speakers. Previous speakers at events have included:


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