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Army Deployment Force
Army deployment force logo.png
Active2016 – present
Country Singapore
Branch Singapore Army
TypeRapid deployment force
Garrison/HQNee Soon Camp
Motto(s)"Always Ready"
Army Deployment Force soldiers

The Army Deployment Force (ADF) is a rapid deployment unit of the Singapore Army. It was established in 2016, in response to modernised terrorist attacks such as the November 2015 Paris attacks. Its active operationally-ready battalion consists of only regular servicemen primarily from the Singapore Guards formation.[1]


The Army Deployment Force was officially inaugurated on 12 July 2016 in Nee Soon Camp, with roughly 600 regular servicemen at the time of inception. This discrete rapid deployment battalion is operationally-ready to a high readiness state, ready to respond to any civil emergencies and actively able to respond "at the push of the button". The motto "Always Ready" stands for always ready for any national exigency.

Its first operational mission began in August 2016, when ADF servicemen were rotationally deployed to Iraq as cover safety and protection for the medical teams by Singapore to assist the international coalition forces that are in combat with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS).[2]

The unit received their regimental colours from President Halimah Yacob on 1 July 2021, as part of the SAF Day Parade.


The ADF's primary role is to provide rapid response to terror threats or national exigencies in both urban and non-urban settings, and supporting the Special Operations Task Force (SOTF), Island Defence Task Force (IDTF), as well as the various Home Team agencies.[3]

Secondarily, it can respond to civil emergencies or Peace Time Contingency Operations (PTCO). Additionally, it is also capable of being deployed for both Peace Support Operations (PSO) and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief operations (HADR) both within and around Singapore.[4]


ADF troopers are trained to provide the army with niche capabilities, with much of the training for the Singapore Guards coming into play as troopers develop their roles in the unit. ADF training is primarily conducted in Nee Soon Camp.

Combat Qualification Course[edit]

In order to be inducted into the Army Deployment Force, aspiring soldiers are required to complete the grueling 21-week long Combat Qualification Course (CQC). The course trains and equips ADF troopers with key capabilities enabling them to respond to any threat or peacetime contingency quickly and effectively, it also serves to test the physical and mental readiness of trainees before they are posted to the ADF's operational companies. The course covers a range of skillsets such as weapon proficiency, unarmed combat, conventional warfare, urban operations, fast-roping and rappelling, Peacetime Contingency Operations (PTCO), as well as Peace Support and Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Response (HADR) operations.

As part of their graduation criteria, trainees are required to complete a 10km march in 90 minutes, a warrior competition that tests their combat fitness and weapon competency, and an 18-hour finale exercise.[3]


Soldiers from the Army Deployment Force performing a squad level attack drill as part of Exercise Valiant Mark 2016 jointly conducted with the United States Marine Corps

Some of the Equipment of the ADF include:

Other than weapons, ADF also uses Water Purification Units (WPU) trucks and the Protected Light Utility vehicle (PLUV). ADF's equipment varies depending on their tasks and mission.[5]


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