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Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam Pakistan
انجُمن طلَبہِ اِسلام
PresidentRamiz Raja
General SecretaryKhwaja Aslma Raza
FounderAllama Jameel Ahmed Naeemi
FoundedJanuary 20, 1968 (1968-01-20) (20th Shawwal 1387 A.H)
Headquarters20 Hemani mansion opp KMC building Saddar, Karachi.
ReligionSunni Islam
National affiliationStudent Organization.
Colors     Green Red and Green
SloganSayyidi Murshadi Ya Nabi Ya Nabi (Peace be Upon Him )

Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam (Urdu: انجُمن طلَبہِ اِسلام, "Islamic Organization of Students") is a student organization related to the Hanfi school of thought [1] made to promote Ishq e Rasool ( love of Muhammad) & to protect the rights of the students of Barelvi community.[2] Anjuman Talaba e Islam was founded on 20 January 1968 with respect to 20th Shawwal 1387 A.H in Karachi, Pakistan by Allama Jameel Ahmed Naeemi, Allama [[Haji Hanif Tayyab] along with some of their fellow students. Its current central president is Usman Muhyyudeen.[3]

Political protests[edit]

Anjuman Talaba-e-Islam, in October 2001 before impending U.S. attack on Afghanistan, had taken out a protest rally against it in Khairpur, Sindh.[2]

ATI arranged massive protests and conferences to support Kashmir's Freedom movement.


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