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8000 Plus
8000 Plus 162 cover.png
CategoriesComputer magazine
PublisherFuture plc
First issueOctober 1986 (1986-10)
Final issue
December 1996 (1996-12)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inSomerton, Somerset

8000 Plus (renamed PCW Plus early in 1992) was a monthly British magazine dedicated to the Amstrad PCW range of microcomputers. It was one of the earliest magazines from Future plc,[1] and ran for just over ten years, the first issue being dated October 1986 and the last (as PCW Plus) being issue 124, dated Christmas 1996.[2]

Science fiction writer David Langford wrote a regular column for 8000/PCW Plus, which ran (albeit not continuously) for the magazine's entire lifespan.[2]


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