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3D World
EditorRichard Hill
CategoriesComputer magazine, visual effects
FrequencyEvery four weeks, 13 per year
Circulation8,052 (January - December 2016)[1]
PublisherStuart Anderton
Year founded2000
CompanyFuture plc
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inBath

3D World is a magazine and website published by Future plc whose main focus is 3D animation, visual effects, videogame design, illustration and architectural visualisation.[2] 3D World appears every four weeks and is sold in the UK, the US, in mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries.[3] It is also sold as a digital replica for tablet computers.

Regular content[edit]

  • Exhibition: gallery of digitally created images submitted by readers.
  • Pre-Viz: news from the computer-generated imagery industry.
  • Feature: articles on a topic or project which have included areas such as open source software, film special effects, starting up a visual effects studio and machinima.
  • Tutorials: software tutorials for various 2D, 3D and compositing packages.
  • Q&A: includes "Question of the Month" and "Quick Question" where a team of industry specialists answer readers' questions on techniques to use in several software packages.
  • Reviews: reviews on training materials, hardware and software.


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