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National Police Cadet Corps
Crest of the National Police Cadet Corps
Crest of the National Police Cadet Corps
Flag of the National Police Cadet Corps
Flag of the National Police Cadet Corps
Agency overview
Formed8 May 1959
Preceding agencies
  • Police Cadet Corps (8 May 1959 – 31 December 1968)
  • National Cadet Corps (Police) (1 January 1969 – 19 July 1971)
Volunteers~10,000 (2021)
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionSingapore
Constituting instruments
  • Home Team Corps Act 2017
  • Home Team Corps Regulations 2018
  • Home Team Corps (Service Medal) Regulations 2018
  • Home Team Corps (Long Service Medal) Regulations 2018
Operational structure
Overviewed byHome Team Corps Council
HeadquartersHome Team Academy
Agency executives
  • Supt Tan Shing Shin, Commandant
  • A/Prof Stephen Phua Lye Huat, Chairman, Home Team Corps Council
Parent agencyMinistry of Home Affairs
Ministry of Education
School units132 (2022)
CampsitesNPCC Camp Resilience, 80 Jalan Noordin, Pulau Ubin, Singapore 506995

The National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) is one of the national uniformed group for youths between age 13 to 17 in Singapore. The organisation is supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Home Affairs. Established in 1959, it trains young boys and girls in the values of law enforcement and public safety.

Brief history[edit]

Following Singapore's successful elections of 1959, the new government, among other policies, began to pressure the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to form a youth unit on the lines of the long serving military cadet organizations of the island.

On 8 May that year, the NPCC was born with then Commissioner E Alan G Blades approving the formation of the first police cadet unit, this day is annually marked as NPCC Day. The first platoon of 30 cadets, based in Bartley Secondary School, proved to be a success for the young organization.

In 1961, Parliament passed the Police Cadet Corps Ordinance, officially endorsing the Corps as a national organization dedicated to training the young in the values of security in their communities even at a young age, affiliated to the SPF. Two years later, the first police girl cadets were admitted.

Since 1961, the NPCC (then named the NCC (Police) from 1969 to 1972 as part of the integration of all national youth cadet organizations) has grown with the nation from strength to strength. During the brief period of Singapore being a state of Malaysia, the then Police Cadet Corps was affiliated to the Royal Malaysia Police.


Foreground – from left to right: Cadet, Lance Corporal, Corporal, Sergeant, Staff Sergeant and Station Inspector ranks Background: NPCC peak cap, headdress worn by male Cadet Inspectors, Honorary Officers and Teacher Officers in No. 1 or No .3 attire; NPCC ceremonial sword, ceremonial drill weapon.

As NPCC is affiliated with the Singapore Police Force (SPF), the ranks of NPCC are similar. NPCC ranks have the suffix 'NPCC' on it to distinguish their ranks from the SPF ranks.


Training may be held once or twice a week, depending on the school unit. Cadets can attain proficiency badges after completing the courses.[1]

They may also participate in Area level activities, such as area-based camps at Camp Resilience, or even international activities, such as at the overseas educational visits to Brunei or Hong Kong.

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