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1. The Most Popular: De rien 2. The Formal One: Je vous en prie 3. The Less Formal One: Je t’en prie 4. The Reassuring You’re welcome: Pas de problème 5. The Casual One: Il n’y a pas de quoi 6. The Chill One: Pas de souci 7. The Southern French Option: Avec plaisir 8. The Swiss Choice: À votre service 9. The Canadian Option: Bienvenue So…
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The verb “to welcome” in French – accueillir Other expressions with “welcome” in French How do you say “You’re welcome” in French? The simple “welcome” – Bienvenue The easiest, quickest way to wish someone welcome in French is to simply say Bienvenue.
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In French, the word for “welcome” is “bienvenue” (pronunciation bjɛ̃vəny). The word has three syllables: Bien-vuh-nu and translates literally to “come well”. In this post, we will discover the various ways to say welcome in French as well as many applicable verbs, phrases and expressions. How to pronounce bienvenue
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welcome - English-French Dictionary WordReference.com Voir également : Recherches récentes : welcome Listen: UK:* /ˈwɛlkəm/ US: /ˈwɛlkəm/ , (wel′ kəm) définition | Synonymes anglais | collocations anglaises | Conjugaison [FR] | Conjugator [EN] | en contexte | images Inflections of ' welcome ' ( v ): ( ⇒ conjugate) welcomes v 3rd person singular
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French translation of 'welcome' Word Frequency welcome noun l’ accueil masc They gave her a warm welcome. Ils lui ont fait un accueil chaleureux. welcome! Bienvenue ! welcome to France! Bienvenue en France ! Collins Beginner’s French-English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers. All rights reserved Word Frequency to welcome verb
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What's the French word for welcome? Here's a list of translations. French Translation bienvenue More French words for welcome accueillir verb host, receive, greet le accueil noun reception, greeting, fosterling bienvenu adjective welcome recevoir verb receive, take, entertain, house, greet opportun adjective
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welcome | translate English to French - Cambridge Dictionary Translation of welcome – English–French dictionary welcome verb [ transitive ] / ˈwɛlkəm/ Add to word list to greet in a friendly way accueillir They welcomed us into their home. Ils nous ont accueilis dans leur maison. to be pleased by and happy about an idea se réjouir de
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you're welcome! (after thanks) de rien, il n'y a pas de quoi → "Thank you for the information." -- "You're welcome." n accueil m → There would be a fantastic welcome awaiting him. to give sb a warm welcome réserver un accueil chaleureux à qn → I was given a warm welcome by the President himself. They gave her a warm welcome.