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With that in mind, I put together this page to showcase over 300 unique home recording studios to help inspire your own. You can use the filters below to narrow down by the number of computer monitors in the studio, room color, desk color, and instruments featured in the space.
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Choose a Room An average household has two to three rooms, and one of them might be the perfect spot for your record studio. However, aside from the cost, there are some factors you must consider before you begin this transformation. These are: Small spaces: You need a large enough area to accommodate your gears.
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If you’re mixing in a home studio, it’s likely you’re simply clicking and dragging on digital faders in software like Pro Tools, Logic, Steinberg Cubase, or Garageband. Learn more about mixing audio here. Learn how to use plugins. Most home recorders use plugins within their digital audio workstations.
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Whether you’re making a beat or recording vocals, here are our ideas on how to set up the best home recording studio. DIY home recording studio. Set up your studio desk; Get a computer; Download recording software; Get an audio interface; Set up home studio monitors; Buy studio headphones; Get a condenser microphone; Set up ...
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With a DIY recording studio, you can produce high-quality records. Learn how to set up your own recording studio at home.
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To help you put together your perfect space, we’ve compiled a list of the 13 things you need to build a home recording studio. There are 11 essentials and a couple of bonus items that are great to add if you have the need or budget: Computer. DAW (digital audio workstation) Desk. Audio interface.