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de rien


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your welcome translation in English - french Reverso dictionary, see also 'for your information',yours',you',you're', examples, definition, conjugation
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Witches of the french quarter, Thank you for your welcome. Sorcières du quartier français, merci pour votre accueil. I'll say good day and thank you all for your welcome. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée et vous remercie de votre accueil.
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Je vous en prie is the most formal, traditional way to say “you’re welcome” in french. This is the phrase to employ in a business setting or when you want to show someone extra respect.
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The word "bienvenue" literally means "welcome" in french. However, it's typically used to welcome people into your home or elsewhere, not to mean "you're welcome." french Canadians are the only french speakers who use this word this way. In Canada, this can be used in almost any context.
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to be welcome être le (la) bienvenu (e) → Members of the public are welcome. to make sb welcome faire bon accueil à qn to make sb feel welcome faire se sentir qn le (la) bienvenu (e)
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You're welcome (common response to 'merci - thank you'. The literal meaning is 'of nothing' or 'no need for thanks') 2. Il n'y a pas de quoi!
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Je vous en pri e is a formal way to say “You’re welcome” in french, as shown by the use of vous (the formal french “you”). The construction itself is a bit old-fashioned. It literally means “I pray you,” (I beg you), which is something you’d hear in the Middle Ages.