you are very welcome


vous êtes les bienvenus


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you are very welcome to stay at our holiday rental to spend 1 or more weeks, the large house is perfectly suited for groups up to 10 persons. Vous êtes les bienvenus pour rester à notre location de vacances pour passer 1 ou plusieurs semaines, la grande maison est parfaitement adapté pour des groupes jusqu'à 10 personnes.
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2. The Formal One: Je vous en prie. Je vous en prie is the most formal, traditional way to say “you’re welcome” in french. This is the phrase to employ in a business setting or when you want to show someone extra respect. Example: A: Je vous remercie de m’avoir considéré pour ce poste.
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merci beaucoup mon fils ador. Last Update: 2020-12-24. Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous. English. you are very welcome. french. Je vous souhaite la bienvenue!
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As you can see many hands are needed for success and new volunteers would be so very welcome. summerlea.ca Vous con sta terez q u'il faut plusieures personnes pour le succès et de nouveaux volontaires s on t toujours les bienv en us.
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1. Say "je vous en prie" in polite or serious situations. The phrase "je vous en prie" (zheh vooz-ahng pree) uses "vous," the formal french "you," indicating it's a more formal way to say "you're welcome." This phrase is appropriate in more formal situations, or when you're thanked by an adult who you don't know.
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you're very welcome, sir. Tu es le bienvenu, monsieur. Speaking of, you're very welcome to remain a ghost, unless you prove useful to my cause. En parlant de ça, tu es le bienvenu pour rester un fantôme à moins que tu ne te montres utile à ma cause.
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Je vous en prie: The formal “you are welcome”. Je vous en prie is a formal way to say “you’re welcome” in french, as shown by the use of vous (the formal frenchyou”).. The construction itself is a bit old-fashioned. It literally means “I pray you,” (I beg you), which is something you’d hear in the Middle Ages.
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Beryl is mistaken. The second example you gave should not be "you are welcome", but only "welcome". To say "you're welcome" after someone says "thank you", and to say "welcome" to a visitor to your house, do not mean the same thing, and you do not use the same words in the same way for both.