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Check out this list of the most common french adjectives. To keep things simple, we only indicated the regular, singular forms here. Examples: Mon vieux pull bleu est en mauvais état = My old blue pullover is in bad shape. Il est heureux = He is happy / Elle est heureuse = She is happy.
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Common french words Let’s dive right in with some of the most common french words and phrases. Bonjour: a general greeting meaning “hello” or “good morning” Au revoir: goodbye Oui: yes Non: no Merci: thank you Merci beaucoup: thank you very much Fille: girl Garçon: boy Femme: woman Homme: man Amour: love Français: french
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The most commonly used words in french are: Oui (yes), non (no), merci (thank you), je (I), tu/vous (you), le/la/les (the), un, une des (a, an and some), le/la/les (it, them), et (and) and mais (but). What are the most frequently used french words? Learning the most common words is the first step to learning to speak fluently.
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Common french Personal Pronouns Personal pronouns are words like he, she, I, and you. They commonly take the place of more specific nouns, such as a person’s name, in conversation and in writing. french words – English definitions – part of speech/tense 1. je – I – 1st person 2. nous – we – 1st person plural 3. tu – you – 2nd person
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french Translation mot More french words for word le mot noun note, say la parole noun speech, talk, parole, utterance, tongue le terme noun term, end, form la nouvelle noun news, short story, incoming, tale, edition la promesse noun promise, pledge, undertaking, engagement, troth les ordre noun order, sequence, command, instruction, behest
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french Core 100 Word List 101 words View Slideshow Gender semaine (n) fem week Il y a sept jours dans une semaine. There are seven days in a week. 3 More Examples année (n) fem year année prochaine next year 5 More Examples aujourd'hui (adv) masc today Aujourd'hui il fait beau. Today is sunny. 4 More Examples demain (adv) masc tomorrow À demain !
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Learn french words - Pick a Topic Below Animals Appliances At A Party At The Beach At The Mall At The Store Bank And Finance Bathroom Bedroom Body Parts I Body Parts II Car Parts Cleaning Supplies Clothes Colors Countries And Continents Family Food I Food II Furniture Government Kitchen Living Room Military Months And Days Music Nature Numbers
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Beautiful french words Poetic, elegant or plain cute, make sure to add these words to your vocab list! Beautiful french phrases, sayings and quotes Some of these beautiful french quotes might already sound familiar. Keep reading to learn new ones! And if you love french expressions, check out these funny sayings explained.