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More French words for welcome accueillir verb host, receive, greet le accueil noun reception, greeting, fosterling bienvenu adjective welcome recevoir verb receive, take, entertain, house, greet opportun adjective appropriate, timely, opportune, expedient, apropos la réception noun reception, receipt, desk, function, landing bien accueillir verb
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(You’re welcome.) 4. The Reassuring You’re welcome: Pas de problème Here’s one that’s easier to understand, one that actually can be taken literally! Pas de problème is simply and directly translated as “no problem.” As in English, this phrase can be used to reassure your interlocutor that your kind gesture wasn’t an inconvenience to you.
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The word "bienvenue" literally means "welcome" in French. However, it's typically used to welcome people into your home or elsewhere, not to mean "you're welcome." French Canadians are the only French speakers who use this word this way. [12] In Canada, this can be used in almost any context.
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In French, the word for “welcome” is “bienvenue” (pronunciation bjɛ̃vəny). The word has three syllables: Bien-vuh-nu and translates literally to “come well”. In this post, we will discover the various ways to say welcome in French as well as many applicable verbs, phrases and expressions. How to pronounce bienvenue
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welcome (more formal) The Formal Souhaiter la bienvenue à quelqu’un If you need to welcome someone in a formal way - for example, at your workplace, you can use this longer phrase, “souhaiter la bienvenue à quelqu’un.” This phrase literally means "to bid someone welcome."
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SUBSCRIBE to my Free French lessons! here: http://goo.gl/O0XJj6 welcome in French is Bienvenu,e, an adjective, a noun. I welcome you: je vous souhaite la bie...
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We’ll start with the most common way to say you’re welcome in French: ‘ de rien’. You can use ‘ de rien’ as an informal response to somebody who has thanked you. You’ll hear this expression used commonly throughout France in a range of situations. The literal translation of ‘de rien’
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C’est Moi Qui Vous Remercie: Another Formal Way to Say You’re welcome in French C’est moi qui vous remercie is another way in which you can formally say “you’re welcome” in French. It is literally translated as “It is I who thanks you” meaning that it is typically said when you feel that it should be you saying “thank you” instead of being thanked.
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The default way to say “you’re welcome” in French – De rien “De rien” is by far the easiest way to reply to “thank you”. You can’t go wrong really, no matter who you’re talking to or the level of formality. While it’s certainly not the most polite and formal option, it’s not particularly informal either, which is why it’s nearly always a safe bet.