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How To Say "You're welcome!" In 32 languages. Hungarian Szívesen! Korean 천만에요. Castilian Spanish De nada. Japanese どういたしまして. Mandarin Chinese 不客气. Italian prego. German Gern geschehen!
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15. Je vous en prie – You’re welcome. This is a formal expression because of the vous. You can also use it to speak to a group of people. Pronunciation: “jhuh-voo-zohn-pree” 16. Bienvenue – welcome (Canada only) This is the french Canadian way of saying you’re welcome in french.
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The most common way to say “Congratulations” in french is simply, félicitations. You can use it with people you’re close to, and in more formal settings, too.. To add what you’re congratulating the person on, use Félicitations pour, followed by the action/event.For example, Félicitations pour l’achat de ta maison ! (Congratulations on buying a house !)
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5 Useful french Greetings to Say Hello. 1. Bonjour! – Hello! (Also, Good Morning!) This is your run of the mill, basic french greeting, and it works in any setting, formal and informal alike. It’s probably the first word that most french language beginners learn, and for good reason! It’s only common courtesy to utter a little bonjour to ...
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Illustration about Bienvenue (welcome in french) word cloud in different languages. Illustration of education, dutch, eiffel - 201920665
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welcome in Different languages - Multilingual, Multicultural welcome Poster. Includes text in over 40 languages. Great for classroom, school, daycare, nursery or play area. welcome in french, Spanish, Bengali, Arabic, Italian, Chinese, Korean & much more!
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By the way, if you're interested in informal language, you can also check out this post on 23 colloquial french phrases for impressing the locals. Common french Greetings You Already Know First, let's look at the basic greetings in french.
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330 welcome different languages stock photos are available royalty-free. Decorative sign-welcome in different languages in the form of a hand and index finger. Stone with the inscription `welcome` in different languages. Gray stone flat plate with the inscription `welcome` in different languages in the fortress of.
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french language Training For Professional Or Cultural Purposes helps you to acquire know-how, interpersonal skills and linguistic tools to understand and interact with your co-workers, your line management, your clients (hosting business visitors, phoning, speaking out in public, handling a meeting professionally, asking appropriate questions….
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welcome in many languages doormat, English, Spanish, french, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi