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Typically, the term french creole described someone of European ancestry born in the colony, and the term Louisiana creole described someone of mixed racial ancestry Like the people, creole food is a blend of the various cultures of New Orleans, including Italian, Spanish, African, German, Caribbean, Native American, and Portuguese, to name a few.
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vous (pron.) [VOO] you (formal) [In Cajun french, vous is much less frequently heard than the familiar tu or toi, even among people who don't know each other. Vous is used to show respect, in particular in speaking with elderly people.] vous-autres (prn.) [pron. VOOZAWT] you (plural); y'all.
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Seychellois creole is a language of Seychelles.. Some phrases in this phrasebook still need to be translated. If you know anything about this language, you can help by plunging forward and translating a phrase.. Pronunciation guide [] Vowels []. A - a (pronounced ha) E- e (pronounced hay) I - i (pronounced e) O - o (pronounced oh) U - u (pronounced ou)
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Free translation service for online automatic translation of text and web pages, translating between many languages, including Spanish, french, Japanese, German ...
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Trinidad french creole (TFC) is therefore very similar to that of the french islands, especially Martinique, though it also developed its own traits, notably in its vocabulary. During the 19th century, TFC was in effect the lingua franca of the working population of this British colony, spoken not only by the slaves who had brought it, but also ...
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you would use the translation, "Byenveni lakay mwen!" In this case the translation for welcome is byenven i. 89. How do you say TROUBLE. trouble - pwoblèm, zen, ka, traka, tchouboum. I'm in trouble - M nan traka. you're in trouble - ou nan ka. He got me in trouble - Li lage m nan zen.
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Although English is the official language of Dominica, much of the population also speaks Kwéyòl (creole) – a french-based patois. This content is provided by “Dominica’s Diksyonnè Kwéyòl -Annglé, English-creole Dictionary” by Marcel Fontaine, 1991. Marcel Fontaine published a Kwéyòl Diksyonne in 1991.
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The Language of french Louisiana Preme ci pro vider iste information in Interlingua. Listen to Cajun Music: Grammar: Click here if you need letters, forms, etc. translated into Louisiana creole? Click Here for an online English-Kreyol Lwizien Glossary. Updated 4/14/2K. Go here to learn some Common Expressions. Articles Nouns Pronouns ...
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Many Black creoles live in and near the Seventh Ward, not too far from the historic creole areas around the french Quarter. While some creole cultural traits continue today, in foodways, in words and phrases, and in Mardi Gras festivities, other aspects, such as the french language, have largely disappeared.
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creole trail rides highlight black cowboy history. On any given weekend in towns across Louisiana and Texas, hooves click-clack on pavement and wagons blast infectious zydeco rhythms. Holding the horse's reins in one hand, and a cold beer in the other, is a long line of cowboys. Not the John Wayne-type typically seen in Hollywood westerns, but ...