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welcome.mp3 à sometimes youà ¢ à ¢ ouvirá french phrase of Riena used to youà ¢ re welcome. In a normal conversation creole phrases for you sà £ o welcome the £ sà expected. This post has been created to answer the question of a Reader ¢ s. Donà ¢ t t forget that you can ask us anything.
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french: Bonjour (Hello) Haitian creole: Byen venu or byenveni (welcome) french: Bienvenue (welcome) Antillean creole: Souplé (Please) french: S’il vous plaît (Please) If you love building your french this way, you’re the type of learner who benefits from unique and authentic language material.
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The former french creoles are descendants of Europeans of french/Spanish who settled in. The term creole was first used during colonial times by settlers referring to those born in the colony rather than those born in France. In New Orleans, the original center of the creole community, it applied to only people of European descent.
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There is no such language as "creole". The word creole refers to a type of language that is a cross between two unrelated languages. There are more than 100 different creolized languages in the ...
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Answer: How do you say “you’re welcome” in creole? creole is not a language. It’s a type of language that results from the standardization of a pidgin. There are about 100 different creolized languages in the world today, most of them are based on English, french, or Portuguese. You’d have to s...
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Here's a list of translations. Haitian creole Translation. akeyi. More Haitian creole words for welcome. byenveni noun. welcome. rekoumande.
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Thank you very much in creole – meci anpil. You’re welcome in french – de rien. Happy birthday – bon fet. Happy Anniversary – Bon Anniversaire (french) Good bye – Babay. I love you – Mwen renmen ou. – Another way to say it is “je t’aime“, which means I love you in french. My love – cherie amour. whoever is not happy ...
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Indies to publish his own ground-breaking dictionary of St. Lucian creole, having begun collecting data several decades earlier.1 With his dictionary and other writings either on creole or in creole, Mr. Mondesir earned a place as a pioneer in the development and recognition of creole as a legitimate, respectable language.