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Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.
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The Welcoming Francophone Communities initiative will help support french-speaking newcomers across Canada. 14 communities were selected to get $12.6 million (over 3 years) for projects to make Francophone newcomers feel welcome in their new community.
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Bienvenu with no e is an adjective often used as a noun conforming to a subject. To use this spelling of Bienvenu, the employed sentence needs to have a subject.Because of this, only when using a complete sentence can you say either Soyez le bienvenu or Soyez la bienvenue, according to the gender of the person you are talking to.You can say Soyez les bienvenus if it's more than one person.
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Good ladies, your welcome has touched me deeply. Mesdames, votre accueil m'a profondément touché. Witches of the french quarter, Thank you for your welcome. Sorcières du quartier français, merci pour votre accueil. I'll say good day and thank you all for your welcome. Je vous souhaite une bonne journée et vous remercie de votre accueil.
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french is a Romance language, which means that it has its origins in the Roman language Latin. As with many french words, we can use Latin to help us understand the french words for “thank you” and “you’re welcome.” In french, the word for thank y...
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The french canadians were unable to bring the land under cultivation fast enough. In response, the governments and the Church used several methods to attract french immigrants — canadian agents posted in France, transatlantic exchanges within Catholic congregations, and the promotional Paris-Canada magazine.
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Quebecois french is a dynamic language that offers many unusual expressions, slang terms, and turns of phrase.These words and phrases can be confusing even for french speakers of other countries to understand, let alone for anglophone tourists trying to get by as they travel to places such as Montreal and Quebec City. Here are some common Quebecois phrases that demonstrate just how inventive ...
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19 million canadians, or 57% of the population; the remainder of the population were native speakers of canadian french (22%) others languages 4] A larger number, 28 million people, reported using English as their dominant language.[5] 82% of canadians outside the province of Quebec reported speaking English natively, but with in Quebec the ...
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As many of you are aware, Quebec has the most french speaking canadian citizens. The majority of Quebec’s people know plenty of English, many are even good enough to find grammatical errors in pretty much everything I say and write. Most Quebecois’ know more English than you know french. However there are some people, primarily in smaller ...
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welcome to our Website The Vermont french-canadian Genealogical Society. Anyone can do genealogy on their own, but if you value the assistance of expert french-canadian genealogists who are familiar with the Name Changes, the Primary Reference Resources, the typical Migration Patterns, and some knowledge of the french language; you should think ...